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Michael Stoff, Director 305 East 23rd St, CLA 2.102, (G3600) Austin, TX 78712-1250 • 512-471-1442

Spring 2004

T C PHL • PHL 610QB: Problems of Knowledge and Valuation

Unique Days Time Location Instructor
38920 to 38935 Multiple Sections gar 311

Course Description

This course is the continuation of PHL 610Qa, which is given in the fall semester. The fall semester course mainly covered the classical texts of the ancient world. The spring semester course will be devoted chiefly to the study of modern European philosophy. The topics included are the nature of mind and its relation to the body, the nature of morality, the problem of social justice, and the condition of human existence.

About the professor: Professor Seung came from Korea and attended Yale University. His fields of specialty are far ranging: ethics, political philosophy, jurisprudence, philosophy of religions, theory of value and culture. An exciting and demanding teacher, Dr. Seung is the author of Intuition and Construction, Semiotics and Thematics, Structuralism and Hermeneutics, Cultural Thematics, Kant’s Transcendental Logic, and Dante’s Master Plan.

Grading Policy

Class preparation and participation (10%) One one-hour exam and one short paper (40%) Final examination (50%)


Descartes, Meditations Kierkegaard, The Sickness unto Death Kant, Foundations of the Metaphysics of Morals Marx, Selected Writings Mill, Utilitarianism Plato, Symposium Wright, The Moral Animal


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