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Michael Stoff, Director 305 East 23rd St, CLA 2.102, (G3600) Austin, TX 78712-1250 • 512-471-1442

Fall 2004

T C 301 • Business of Music Performance—W

Unique Days Time Location Instructor
42080 MWF
10:00 AM-11:00 AM
PAR 214

Course Description

Students with or without a musical background can explore the dynamics and business challenges of the contemporary music performance world. Special guest lecturers may include professional conductors, directors of large performance venues, classical and pop music performers, music critics, songwriters, music publishers, entertainment law attorneys, and record producers. Their experience will provide a contrasting cross-section of the contemporary "pay to hear" landscape. Lectures and discussions will address bookings, marketing, financing, copyright laws, contracts, attracting audiences, internet piracy, and the thrills of performing for a packed house. The student will discover similarities and stark contrasts between the performance worlds of classical, pop, operas, light musicals, soloists, large orchestras, public school music, and pure entertainment. There will be a premium on oral presentations by the students in the class that are based on their own research, interviews, or observations of musical performances and their preparation. Each student should benefit from the practice of individual or team presentations, with the goal of improving the individual's personal interview and discussion leadership skills. Three papers of three to five pages in length will be included in the class requirements. The first paper may include numerous revisions until the student has developed confidence in his/her writing skills. All students should gain valuable experience and improve their knowledge of class presentations, their writing skills, and their understanding about the role of music in our contemporary society.

About the professor Professor Richter is in his twenty-fourth year with the University of Texas. He has also served on the faculties at the University of Michigan and the University of Cincinnati. During his fifteen years as Director of the UT Longhorn Band, Professor Richter enjoyed performance collaborations with a wide variety of personalities, including composers Morton Gould, Gunther Schuller, and Karel Husa, soprano Barbara Conrad, country western singer Willie Nelson, and the late Barbara Jordan. He has recorded and produced several CDs with the Longhorn Band, as well as public performances in the Dallas Meyerson Center, the Houston Wortham Center, and Austin's own Erwin Center. In 1995 he received the UT Ex–Students' Association "Top Hand" award and a special leadership excellence award from the Eanes School District. In 2000 he was selected for the Distinguished Alumnus Award by the Tejas Foundation. Professor Richter chairs a new School of Music committee for new degrees in the music business and recording technology. He is also a contributing author for a new textbook about the music business and careers in music. His passions include ranching, coaching girls' softball, and fishing the shallow bay waters of the Texas gulf coast.

Grading Policy

This course contains a substantial writing component. Class participation: 15% (Discussions and attendance) Three oral presentations: 30% (Topics selected from list of options) Three papers (3–5 pages): 20% (Topics selected with the professor) Three quiz grades: 15% (Based on class presentations, assigned readings) Final Exam (essay): 20% (Comprehensive)


The Music Business Handbook, David Baskerville Music, Money and Success, Jeffrey Brabec and Todd Brabec Assigned class packets


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