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2012 Temple Scholars

2012/2013 Larry Temple Scholarship Recipients

This year’s Larry Temple Scholarship recipients, both Plan II Honors majors, are:
  • Will Hoenig is a second-year student with majors in Plan II Honors, Computer Engineering, and Economics. He graduated from Lake Travis High School in Austin.
Temple WillWill's primary passion lies with Economics. He enjoys learning mathematical models and working to understand how they function with real life, and very human, concerns. He believes Economics to be a great historical driving force, and that understanding it in greater detail could potentially help the entire world tremendously. Thus, he would love to study the subject in more detail and maybe make a small contribution. Will also enjoys reading, coaching high school speech and debate, arguing, breaking things, and fixing things, and he has a mildly nerdish obsession with airplanes. In addition, he serves as Secretary of the Society of Plan II Engineers.

  • Nicole Kruijs is a second-year studying Plan II Honors and Public Health. Nicole graduated from The Academy of Science and Technology at The Woodlands College Park High School in The Woodlands.
Temple NicoleNicole’s primary interests are in merging medicine and government in order to provide better healthcare for populations around the world. She would like to receive a MD/MPH and use these two degrees, along with her interdisciplinary education from Plan II, to work as a physician helping communities, particularly women in underdeveloped countries, receive access to healthcare. Nicole would also like to consult for international governmental organizations to create sustainable, meaningful health policy. Outside of class, Nicole is on the Varsity NCAA Rowing team and is also involved with GlobeMed, Orange Jackets, and volunteering at St. David’s Hospital. In addition, she is a Legislative Aide for Senator Jose Rodriguez and is a Next Generation Scholar, doing research on HIV/AIDS and climate change with the Strauss Center for International Security and Law. In her free time, Nicole enjoys being outdoors, reading, and exploring Austin.  

The Temple Scholarship <> honors Larry Eugene Temple, an Austin lawyer and public servant. Temple graduated with a bachelor's degree from The University of Texas at Austin in 1957, receiving a degree from The University of Texas Law School in 1959. A champion of higher education, Temple was chair of the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board as well as chair of the 1985 Select Committee on Higher Education. Temple has been a member of the university's Development Board, its Centennial Commission and the Commission of 125.

Temple Scholars receive $11,000 per year, renewable for three years. Application for the scholarship is open to any student achieving a 3.9 or 4.0 grade-point average during the freshman year. Recipients join other Temple Scholars in an enriched program of supplemental advising and field trips. They also have special opportunities to interact with faculty and community leaders.

Temple Scholars in Plan II Honors:

In 2010/2011 the two Temple Scholars were Plan II Honors students: 
  • Christopher  Cacciatore, a Plan II Honors and Honors Biochemistry major, who is also in the Dean’s Scholars Honors program.  Chris is from Houston and graduated from Clear Lake High School. 
  • Carol Soules, a Plan II Honors and Philosophy major.  Carol graduated from St. Mary’s Hall High School in San Antonio. 

In 2009/2010,
  • Plan II Honors and Biomedical Engineering major, Natalie Craik received one of the two Temple Scholarships awarded.  Natalie is an Austin native who attended Westlake High School.

Two of the three 2008-09 Larry Temple Scholarship recipients were:
  • Plan II Honors, French and Economics major, William Cochran, who was the valedictorian of his class at Tom Clark High School in San Antonio; and,
  • Nicole Masole, a Plan II Honors and Government major from Cedar Hill High School in Midlothian, Texas.  Nicole is currently also a member of the Longhorn Band.

And, in the previous year, 2007/2008, four Temple Scholarships were awarded to Plan II Honors majors:
  • Dhananjay Jagannathan, a Plan II Honors, Philosophy and Classics major who graduated in 2009.  Dhananjay was also awarded a Beinecke Scholarship and a Marshall Scholarship for post-baccalaureate work is currently conducting at Oxford and Cambridge;
  • Marissa Duswalt, a Plan II Honors and Nutrition Science Dean’s Scholars Honors major who also received a 2009 Truman Scholarship ;
  • Joseph Kolker, a Plan II and History major, who was another Austin native, graduating from McCallum High School; and,
  • Amanda Longoria, from McAllen Memorial High School in McAllen, TX.  Amanda graduated with a major in Plan II Honors and a B.S. In Nutrition.
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