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Michael Stoff, Director 305 East 23rd St, CLA 2.102, (G3600) Austin, TX 78712-1250 • 512-471-1442
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Reception at the Blanton Museum of Art

Professor Michael B. Stoff, Plan II Honors director, welcomed about 200 Plan II alumni to a reception at the Blanton Museum of Art.  The reception was the inaugural event of many, leading up to the Plan II Honors Diamond Jubilee 75th Anniversary in 2010.  Alumni from graduating classes from the 1940s through the class of 2009 gathered to meet Dr. Stoff and to renew old acquaintances with other faculty, staff and alumni. 

“Once as students and now as alumni, you are among Plan II’s most valuable assets.  Some of you may be surprised at the changes you find on campus.  In the past several years, the University has embarked on a prodigious building program.  Some of our most cherished structures, such as Garrison Hall and Gregory Gym, are here still and have been refurbished.  Other buildings, like the Blanton Museum of Art in which you now stand, are brand new.  And more buildings are on the way, including a new set of liberal arts buildings, one of which will house a new Plan II office.  All reflect a university filled with energy, ideas, and vitality fit for the 21st century.

So too with the Plan II Honors Program.  In 2010-2011, we will celebrate our Diamond Jubilee, 75 years of institutionalizing excellence in the form of a Renaissance education for the 21st century.  The dynamism and vision that Dean H. T. Parlin first invested in Plan II are still with us as are many of our core courses.  World literature, philosophy, modes of reasoning, physics, biology, and mathematics remain at the core of our core.  New courses and new programs also grace our curriculum—from seminars on climate change and anti-colonialism to initiatives in study abroad and civic engagement.  We are rock solid and, as ever, on the move. 

In the coming year, we will be in touch with you, soliciting your help and support in planning and participating in our anniversary celebration set for the spring of 2011.  Rest assured, we will not forget you.  We know you will not forget us.”

Michael B. Stoff
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