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New Q Drop Policy

New state legislated policy will affect students entering in fall 2007 or later

Posted: September 16, 2008

Beginning September 15, 2008, the University will track each student's Q-drops. Students are allowed only six Q-drops for academic reasons over the course of their undergraduate career at Texas public institutions per recent legislation. This law applies to all students who entered a Texas public institution of higher education in fall 2007 or later. If you first entered a Texas public institution of higher education before fall 2007, you are exempt from this legislation.

To Q-drop a class after the 12th-class day, students must visit the Student Division in GEB 2.200 in person.  When students request a Q-drop, Student Division representatives will research the total number of academic Q-drops on the student's record. If a student believes the requested Q-drop is due to urgent and substantiated, nonacademic issues, a student may file an appeal to have it not count against the allotted six academic drops.

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