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Spring Class

Course Description 

This course explores Shakespeare's plays through performance. We will spend every class period looking in detail at Shakespeare's texts, at the interpretive challenges they present, and at the way performance choices contribute to their meaning. We will consider the original circumstances of their performance, their subsequent history on stage and film, and the critical controversies they have occasioned. Above all, we will explore them in action, through our own creative work, both in the classroom and in the theatre barn at Winedale.

The course is designed for students with an interest in Shakespeare and a willingness to perform in front of others. Previous experience with acting is not necessary. This spring the course will cover a selection of Shakespeare's romantic comedies and will culminate in a performance a Winedale. We will also incorporate readings from other Shakespearean texts and criticism. This class will require you to spend three weekends at The University of Texas Winedale Historical Center. These sessions at Winedale are required; they are the most important part of the course. During these weekends, you will be working very long hours on the play, from early morning to late at night. You should be prepared for this commitment before you register. The course concludes with public performances of the plays in the Winedale Theatre Barn. Seating is limited; tell your family and friends to make reservations early.


Last semester the Shakespeare at Winedale Spring Class had two performances of Macbeth at the Winedale Theatre Barn on April 25th and 26th at 7:00. These performances were the culmination of a semester of coursework focusing on ‘Shakespeare’s Verse.’ Tickets are $10; $5 for UT ID-holders and students. Tickets are available here or by calling (512) 471-4726.

It will have blood, they say. Blood will have blood. -III.iv

Shakespeare’s shortest tragedy leads audiences at breakneck pace through Macbeth’s bloody battle to win the throne of Scotland. The ultimate power couple, Macbeth and Lady Macbeth, struggle with the consequences of their violent ways. Filled with supernatural forces and brutal events, this play examines the darkest side of humanity.

 “Macbeth is one of Shakespeare's most riveting plays, a relentless rush of witchcraft, murder, guilt and madness,” said James Loehlin, Shakespeare at Winedale Director and Regents Professor of English. “It is also one of his highest poetic achievements, and so it makes a perfect capstone for our course on the evolution of Shakespeare's dramatic verse.  We are extremely excited to be presenting this play as a part of the coursework of E321P, Shakespeare Through Performance.”

How to Apply

We are not currently accepting applications. Check back during the fall semester for the 2015 Spring Class application!

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