Department of Psychology
Department of Psychology

Psychology Researchers Study the Human Condition in the College of Liberal Arts' Life and Letters

Tue, January 1, 2008

Psychologists at the University of Texas feature prominently in the current issue of the College of Liberal Arts' "Life and Letters" newsletter.

You can visit the Center for Perceptual Systems to study perception under natural conditions and in real-world situations with psychologists Wilson Geisler, Mary Hayhoe, Dennis Mcfadden, Larry Cormack, Eyal Seidemann, and Randy Diehl.

In "Children and Family" the research of developmental psychologists Catharine Echols, Les Cohen, Rebecca Bigler, Judith Langlois and Jacquline Woolley focuses on the lives of children while broadening our understanding of the human mind and behavior.

The research of social psychologists Jamie Pennebaker, Cindy Meston, David Buss and Bill Swann highlight the complex interactions between people in intimate relationships.

Cognitive psychologist Arthur Markman discusses psychology as a commodity with a high value to consumers, clinical psychologist Christopher Beevers researches who might be vulnerable to depression, and Theresa Jones examines the neurobiology of learning and memory and neural plasticity after brain damage.

And finally, those who worked with and studied under David Cohen will want to read about his passion for Shakespeare during his retirement and the final years of his life in "The Bard and Human Condition".

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