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Take 5: Faculty Insights in Brief

These video snapshots from College of Liberal Arts faculty offer a glimpse into the lecture halls and labs across campus. Take five and experience the essence of academic life.

Photo Fehintola Mosadomi

Fehintola Mosadomi
Department of Middle Eastern Studies

Mosadomi shares insight into the Yoruba language and people.
Spring 2008
Photo Mark Regnerus

Mark Regnerus
Department of Sociology

Regnerus explores the attitudes and actions of evangelical teens toward sex.
Fall 2007
Photo Jacqueline Woolley

Jacqueline Woolley
Department of Psychology

Woolley sheds light on how children distinguish fantasy from reality.
Fall 2007
Photo Bruce Buchanan

Bruce Buchanan
Department of Government

Buchanan sheds light on what presidential accountability is and how well the system works.
Summer 2007
Photo Sam Gosling

Sam Gosling
Department of Psychology

Gosling explores the ways personality is expressed in living spaces, offices and virtual environments.
Summer 2007
Photo Gretchen Ritter

Gretchen Ritter
Department of Government, Center for Women’s and Gender Studies

Ritter shares stories of strong women from Texas who’ve made history.
Spring 2007
Photo James Henson

James Henson
Department of Government, College of Liberal Arts

Henson takes an historical approach to analyzing the midterm election season in Texas politics.
Fall 2006
Photo Mary Rose

Mary Rose
Department of Psychology

Rose examines jury composition and its effect on the deliberative process.
Fall 2006
Photo Richard Flores

Richard Flores
Department of Anthropology

Flores reveals the historical background behind the story of the Alamo becoming popularized in Texas.
Summer 2006
Photo Thomas Staley

Thomas Staley
Department of English

Staley explains how original source materials stimulate and enhance the learning experience.
Summer 2006
Photo Thomas Garza

Thomas Garza
Department of Slavic and Eurasian Studies

Garza reveals the fact behind the fiction surrounding the origins, lore and legend of the vampire.
Spring 2006
Photo Thomas Palaima

Thomas Palaima
Department of Classics

Palaima discusses how we relate stories of war, from the time of the ancient Greeks to modern-day conflicts.
Spring 2006
Photo James Pennebaker

James Pennebaker
Department of Psychology

Pennebaker explores how writing exercises can affect physical and mental health and aid in recovery from traumatic experiences.
Fall 2005
Photo Anthony Woodbury

Anthony Woodbury
Department of Linguistics

Woodbury discusses the loss of languages around the world and the importance of language preservation.
Fall 2005
Photo Cristina Cabello de Martinez

Cristina Cabello de Martinez
Department of Spanish and Portuguese

Cabello de Martínez explores the world of children’s literature and performs an original children’s story in Spanish.
Spring 2005
Photo Sean Theriault

Sean Theriault
Department of Government

Theriault discusses the history of the Congress and its role in the lawmaking process within the U.S. government system.
Spring 2005