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The Student Lounge: December 2009

The College of Liberal Arts publishes The Student Lounge biannually (in May and December). The newsletter highlights liberal arts student awards, honors and scholarships. For more news about the College of Liberal Arts' community of scholars and alumni, visit Life & Letters, the college's alumni magazine, or ShelfLife@Texas, the campus literary blog. Become a fan of the College of Liberal Arts on Facebook.

Photo: Original title Longhorn shadows, from Flickr user mr3wan, used under Creative Commons BY 2.0 license

(Photo: Original title Longhorn shadows, from Flickr user mr3wan, used under Creative Commons BY 2.0 license)

Honors and Awards

James Hammond (Psychology/English) is one of the three 2009 Intellectual Entrepreneurship Pre-Graduate School Interns who have been accepted into Teach For America, a national initiative that aims to eliminate educational inequity by enlisting the nation's most promising future leaders in the effort.

Benjamin Durham (African and African-American Studies/History), Stefanie Weber (Anthropology) and Marcus Waters (Urban Studies) received Fulbright Hays Awards. Visit Know to read about their summer in Nigeria studying the indigenous Yoruba.

Shan Khan (English) earned the Asrar-al-Haque Majaz Literary Award for outstanding work in Urdu poetry from the Alumni Association of Aligarh Muslim University.

Joanna Thaler (English) won first place in the college division of the Jane Austen Society of North America's annual essay competition for her essay "Rediscovering the Gardiners."

Cecilia Lopez (Government) and Liam O’Rourke (Liberal Arts Honors/History) received 2009 Texas Parents Association Outstanding Student Awards.

The 2009 Texas Parents Association Outstanding Student Awards finalists are:

  • Mykel Estes (Rhetoric and Writing)
  • Sarah Lawson (Liberal Arts Honors/Psychology)
  • Keshav Rajagopalan (Plan II Honors/Political Communication)
  • Lauren Ratliff (Government/English)

Scholarship News

Grace Eckhoff (Plan II Honors/Biology) has been named a Marshal Scholar, one of the 40 scholars from across the nation who earned the scholarship to study abroad in the United Kingdom.

Natalie Craik (Plan II Honors/Biomedical Engineering) and Sharanya Rajan, (Liberal Arts Honors /Government) received 2009-10 Larry Temple Scholarships.

The Dedman Distinguished Scholars for the Class of 2013 are:

  • Katherine Kling (Plan II Honors)
  • Lindsey Maxon (Plan II Honors/Psychology)
  • Nolan Oldham (Plan II Honors/Government)
  • Natalie San Luis (Plan II Honors)
  • Michael Wham (Plan II Honors)

The Liberal Arts Council Study Abroad Scholarship recipients are:

  • Yasmine Abdelkawy (Government)
  • Zachary Barton (Plan II Honors)
  • Taylor Dunn (European Studies)
  • Jill Gandhi (Plan II Honors)
  • Wesley Gibson (Spanish)
  • Adam Hagerman (European Studies)
  • Jimena Klauer (Government)
  • Malory Lee (Psychology)
  • Charlotte Mark (English)
  • Juliet McDonnell (Plan II Honors)
  • Lauren Oconnell (Asian Cultures and Languages)
  • Sarah Settele (French)

The Liberal Arts Study Abroad on Exchange Programs Scholarship recipients are:

  • Judit Foldes (Government)
  • Rebeca Mendizabal (Spanish)
  • Graham Noblit (Plan II Honors/Physics)
  • Anthony Norton (Government)
  • Sudip Singh (French/Business Honors/Finance)
  • Alina Slavik (Italian)
  • Brendan Tseung (French/Aerospace Engineering)

Jacqueline Hablizel (Sociology), Laura Hudson (Sociology), Erich Riepen (Sociology) and Preeti Vaghela (English) earned 2009 Hibbs Scholarships from the Dr Bailey R Collins/Ellene Collins Ward/Mary Sue Collins Hibbs Scholarship Fund.

The 2009-10 Rapoport King Thesis Scholars are:

  • Tanner Arrington  (Geography)
  • Norma Balli-Borrero (Liberal Arts Honors /English)
  • Aaron Barr (Asian Studies)
  • Mahala Guevara (Economics)
  • James Hammond (Psychology/English)
  • Anne Hulsey  (Humanities/Engineering)
  • Jean Liew (Biology/English)
  • Maren Lujan (Psychology)
  • Melissa McInnis (Psychology)
  • John Meyer (Government)
  • Erich Riepen  (Sociology)
  • Griffin Seifried (Liberal Arts Honors /History)
  • Kathleen Skinner (English)
  • Alisha Van Eimeren (Liberal Arts Honors/Linguistics)
  • Anthony Wright (Anthropology)

The winners of the Fall 2009 Undergraduate Research Fellowships from the University Co-operative Society are:

  • Desirae Boldt (Psychology)
  • Rachael Dayton (Psychology)
  • Sarah Lawson (Liberal Arts Honors /Psychology)
  • Maren Lujan (Psychology)
  • Larissa McGarrity (Psychology)
  • Ashley Vivlamore (Psychology)
  • Alyssa Nipp (Psychology)
  • Melissa McInnis (Psychology)

The Liberal Arts Undergraduate Chapter for Research awarded scholarships to five students to attend the National Conference on Undergraduate Research. The winners are:

  • Jacob Bintliff  (Latin American Studies)
  • James Hammond (English/Psychology)
  • Martinique Jones (Psychology)
  • John Lewis (Government)
  • Michael Wainright (Geography)

Graduate Student News

The 2009-10 Liberal Arts Graduate Fellowships recipients are:

  • Sarah Brilmyer (Comparative Literature)
  • Jesse Cromwell (History)
  • Wasudha Bhatt (Sociology)
  • Christopher Harte (Psychology)
  • Saikat Maitra (Anthropology)
  • Molly Hardy (English)
  • Gabrielle Russo (Anthropology)
  • Mary-Esther Sullivan (Sociology)
  • Aun Ali (Sociology)
  • Ryan Field (History)
  • Renata Keller (History)
  • Christopher Loperena (Anthropology)
  • Rebecca Onion (History)
  • Cameron Strang (History)
  • Angel Zeininger (Anthropology)
  • Jamil Bhanji (Psychology)
  • Juan Esparaza Ochoa (Sociology/Asian Cultures and Languages)
  • Shaohua Guo (Asian Cultures and Languages)
  • Gavin Benke (American Studies)
  • Melanie Clouser (Arabic Studies)
  • Felipe Cruz (History)
  • Ingrid Haeckel (Geography)
  • Brian McNeil (History)
  • Marc-William Palen (History)
  • Elaine Schele (Latin American Studies)

The 2009-10 Liberal Arts Graduate Research Fellowships recipients are:

  • Hannah Baker (Anthropology)
  • Katherine Bolanos (Linguistics)
  • Benjamin Breen (History)
  • Felipe Cruz (History)
  • Videla Goicovich (History)
  • Ingrid Haeckel (Geography)
  • Alexis Alida Harasemovitch-Truax (History)
  • James Jenkins (History)
  • Christopher Johnson (Anthropology)
  • Maryam Kashani (Anthropology)
  • Kristine Kotecki (English)
  • Tracy Kwang (Psychology)
  • Candace Lopez (Latin American Studies)
  • Sarah McKenney (Psychology)
  • Brett Nachman (Anthropology)
  • Marc-William Palen (History)
  • Susan Quesal (American Studies)
  • Julia Rahe (History)
  • Stephanie Rosen (English)
  • Kyle Shelton (History)
  • Emily Spangenberg (Latin American Studies)
  • Laurie Wood (History)

Max Bruce (Asian Cultures and Languages) earned the Asrar-al-Haque Majaz Literary Award from the Alumni Association of Aligarh Muslim University for outstanding work in the study of Urdu poetry.

Megan Reid (Sociology) and Jerry Lord (Anthropology) earned two 2009 fellowships from the Hogg Foundation for Mental Health to study traumatic effects of hurricanes Ike and Katrina on coastal communities in Texas.

Megan Reid also received the 2009 PERISHIP Fellowship in Hazards, Risk and Disasters from the Public Entity Risk Institute, the Women’s and Gender Studies Department Dissertation Fellowship for Best Dissertation Proposal, and the Graduate Dean’s Prestigious Fellowship Supplement.

Othoniel Vázquez Domínguez (Geography) won an award from the Southwestern Division of the Association of American Geographers for his poster presentation on “Tree Ferns of the Tlacoapa River in Coscomatepec Municipality, Veracruz, Mexico.”

Catherine Connell (Sociology) and Juan Carlos Esparza Ochoa (Sociology) won 2009 William S. Livingston Outstanding Graduate Student Academic Employee Awards.

Catherine Connell also received the 2009 Cheryl Allyn Miller Award for an outstanding contribution to research on women and paid work, the 2009 Martin P. Levine Memorial Dissertation Fellowship Award for Best Dissertation Proposal in the Sociology of Sexuality, the 2009 Sally Hacker Graduate Student Paper Award, and an honorable mention from the American Sociological Association’s Graduate Student Paper Award.

Christopher Harte (Psychology) received a 2009 American Psychological Association Dissertation Research Award.

Wilkalier Daniel Smith (Linguistics), Eric Campbell (Linguistics), Telma Can Pixabaj (Linguistics) and Justin McIntosh (Linguistics) received fellowships from the Endangered Language Documentation Programme at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London, England. Visit the Department of Linguistics Web site to learn more about their research.

Richard Davis (Philosophy) and Danielle Dirks (Sociology) were selected as 2009-10 Donald D. Harrington Graduate Fellows. The Donald D. Harrington Fellows Program is one of the most prestigious visiting scholar and graduate fellow programs in the nation.

Jeremy Uecker (Sociology)received a 2009-10 University Continuing Fellowship.

Nicolette Manglos (Sociology) received a Dissertation Proposal Development Fellowship from the Social Science Research Council, and an NICHD traineeship from the Population Research Center for 2009-10;

Corinne Reczek (Sociology) received a University Continuing Fellowship for 2009-10, an American Association of University Women Dissertation Fellowship for 2009-10, and a 2009 Outstanding Student Paper Award from the Society of the Study of Social Problems-Family Division.

Jennifer Karas Montez (Sociology)received a 2009 Lora Romero Memorial Award for Interdisciplinary Research in Race, Ethnicity and Gender from the Center for Women's and Gender Studies.

New and Noteworthy

Cayce Smith (Government/Premed) co-founded the Global Health Project, a university-wide organization that seeks funding for medical supplies and equipment in Nicaragua. Visit this Web site for more about the project. []

The Jefferson Book Club, an organization devoted to furthering the aim of the Thomas Jefferson Center for the Study of Core Texts and Ideas, was formally established this fall with discussions of great literary works, speeches and films. Events are open to all interested faculty and students. Visit this Web site for more about the Jefferson Book Club.

Five undergraduate students from the College of Liberal Arts served as interns with the Bernard and Audre Rapoport Center for Human Rights and Justice. The undergraduate interns teamed with law students, faculty and staff to plan and provide support for the Rapoport Center’s daily operations and various events. By contributing to these endeavors, the interns received exposure to the legal, academic and social spheres of human rights. The Fall 2009 interns include:

  • Nathan Abell (Plan II Honors/Government/Philosophy)
  • Daniel Friedman (Plan II Honors/English/French/Asian Cultures and Languages)
  • Aasha Rajani (History/Government/Middle Eastern Studies),
  • Andrea Shannon (Rhetoric and Writing)
  • Jiacheng Yu (Plan II Honors/Business)

Event Spotlight

Two Liberal Arts Students Head to Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen
M. Anwar Sounny-Slitine (Geography) and Rachel Aitkens (Government) were selected to attend the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen Dec. 7-18. Aitkens and Sounny-Slitine were chosen from thousands of applicants by two national organizations and will be present as official United Nations observers.

Web Spotlight

Jenna Baddeley (Psychology) has conducted fascinating research with soldiers at Fort Hood. In a recent post on the GradNews Blog, she discusses what she has learned about the numerous difficulties these soldiers face when they return home from war. Visit her blog.

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