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"Green" Design

The architects expect the building to receive LEED Gold certification from the US Green Building Council. Sustainable design strategies include the following:

  • The courtyard gardens will feature native Texas plants
  • Collected rain water will be used for water efficient landscaping
  • Reclaimed water from the City of Austin will be used for flushing toilets
    • As a result, no potable water will be used for irrigation or toilet flushing, saving the University tens of thousands of dollars in operating costs each year
  • Low flow faucets and toilets will reduce water consumption from all sources
  • High performance glazing will maximize visible light transmittance while minimizing heat gain and cooling loads
  • Natural day lighting will reduce energy consumption and heat gains from artificial lighting
  • Solar pre-heat hot water panels will capture the sun’s energy to reduce energy consumption
  • High efficiency heating and air conditioning will further reduce energy use
  • A majority of spaces will have views to the courtyard gardens and Waller Creek
  • Every faculty office will have its own environmental controls to improve individual comfort
  • Paints, glues, carpets and other finishes will contain minimal or no amounts of volatile organic compounds to provide a healthy interior environment for students, faculty and staff
  • CO2 monitors in all classrooms will ensure the proper amount of fresh, outside air during occupancy
  • Many of the building materials will be made within 500 miles of Austin and will contain recycled content
  • More than 75% of construction waste will be recycled and diverted from landfills 

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