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Our community of scholars are recognized for their talent by universities, publications and organizations around the world.

Erika Bsumek (pictured above), an associate professor of history at UT Austin, launched an undergraduate history class in spring 2014 — Building America: Engineering Society and Culture, 1868-1980 — to teach humanities students how the technology surrounding them works and to teach STEM majors how history and politics shape technological advances. STEM disciplines can make a bridge stand up, but the humanities tell us why it exists.

“We have a tendency to artificially compartmentalize the world into discrete disciplines. Our classroom serves as a place to connect, rather than divide,” says Bsumek, who notes that the rift between disciplines — especially since World War II — has devalued the liberal arts and sterilized the specialized training of STEM students.

To read more about Bsumek’s course, visit Life & Letters.

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The College of Liberal Arts has more than 500 faculty members who are rigorous teachers and creative researchers who advance knowledge in the humanities and social sciences while preparing the next generation of thoughtful citizens and leaders. To learn more about our faculty, please visit the departmental directories listed below:

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