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Our community of scholars are recognized for their talent by universities, publications and organizations around the world.

Wayne A. Rebhorn (pictured above) is the Celanese Centennial Professor of English at UT Austin and a leading scholar of Renaissance literature. Throughout his career he has won numerous literary awards and prizes and has been invited to lecture at major universities throughout the United States as well as in France, Italy and Germany. In 2014, he received the prestigious PEN Literary Award for his translation of Giovanni Boccaccio's masterpiece The Decameron.

“Some of the stories are astoundingly funny,” Rebhorn says. “But the stories also underscore the importance of using language well to enrich our lives. Horace said literature should be both sweet and useful—we want a good story, but we also want to learn about ourselves.”

To read more about Rebhorn's translation of The Decameron, visit Life & Letters.

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The College of Liberal Arts has more than 500 faculty members who are rigorous teachers and creative researchers who advance knowledge in the humanities and social sciences while preparing the next generation of thoughtful citizens and leaders. To learn more about our faculty, please visit the departmental directories listed below:

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