College of Liberal Arts

Upcoming Events

Symposium: Mapping the Afro-Imaginative

Friday March 6, 2015

BLS 2.206

Concert: Alash Tuvan Throat Singing Ensemble

Friday March 6, 2015⋅7:00 PM

Scottish Rite Theater (207 W 18th St)

Explore UT

Saturday March 7, 2015⋅11:00 AM


Startup Job Fair

Tuesday March 10, 2015⋅9:00 AM

SAC Ballroom, SAC 2.210

The Unbroken Treaty: Learning Language through Role-Play

Wednesday March 11, 2015⋅3:00 PM

Union Sinclair Suite, UNB 3.128

Deadline Day

Monday April 6, 2015⋅8:00 AM


Poetics for the 21st Century/Po├ęticas para el siglo XXI

Thursday April 16, 2015⋅3:30 PM

Prothro Theater, Harry Ransom Center