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Malaquias and Maceo Montoya Art Exhibit Reception

Center for Mexican American Studies showcases art on globalization and immigrants

Thursday Aug 20, 2009 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM | Mexican American Cultural Center, 600 River St.


In conjunction with the Center for Mexican American Studies (CMAS) the Mexican American Cultural Center (MACC) will be hosting a reception for the art exhibition Malaquias and Maceo Montoya: Dos Vistas un Camino al Rumbo de la Humanidad.

The reception will include a booksigning and remarks by Malaquias and Maceo Montoya.

Light refreshments will be served and music will be provided by Joel Guzman, Sarah Fox, and J.J. Barrera.

Malaquias Montoya, a California-raised Chicano artist will be showcasing his newest body of work that highlights the detrimental effects of globalization and war on national communities and their cultures. Malaquias' paintings, drawings and prints convey the universal story of the consequences of power and war. This exhibition allows the viewer to peek into the lives of those whose culture and daily life have been depleted or destroyed by corporate globalization and tragedies of war.

Maceo Montoya's approach is more intimate, and includes striking portraits that reveal highly personal immigrant experiences. Maceo's work depicts the daily lives of a select group: the Mexican immigrants of Northern California. His acrylic paintings are meditations on the quiet day-to-day struggle to make a home in a foreign and oftentimes resistant place. His images of men and women immersed in the vast landscapes of the agriculture valley depict solitude and loneliness but also a determined and spiritual fortitude.

Malaquias and Maceo Montoya: Dos Vistas un Camino al Rumbo de la Humanidad is the first comprehensive exhibition of the artwork of Malaquias and Maceo Montoya.

For more information, contact Herlinda Zamora (exhibit coordinator) at (512) 478-6222 or

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