College of Liberal Arts

Work Environment

The Office of Research & Graduate Studies investigates topics that affect the work environment for faculty in the College.

Work-Life Balance

Letter from Dean Randy Diehl

"We at the College of Liberal Arts are aware that faculty often struggle to maintain a healthy balance between professional success and personal wellness. With this letter, I wish to endorse the policies that make it easier for faculty to have both a successful career and a fulfilling personal life, and urge our faculty to empower themselves by becoming acquainted with these policies..."

Promotion & Leadership

We analyzed data on promotion by rank, gender, and ethnicity, drilling down for the years since Randy L. Diehl became Dean of the College. The second half of the report looks at the presence of senior female faculty in positions of leadership.

Gender Equity Assessment

We looked at salaries, supplements, and headcounts to assess the state of gender equity in the College of Liberal Arts through Academic Year 2011/2012.


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