College of Liberal Arts

Applying for Grants

Grant proposals are a first step in negotiating a contract between a funder and the University. As such, institutional review is required for a majority of grant submissions.

U.S. and Foreign Government Proposals

The Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP) requires pre-approval for grants submitted to domestic and foreign governments. Contact Liberal Arts Grants Services a minimum of three weeks before your grant deadline to initiate the federal grants application process

Nonprofit & Foundation Sponsors

UT Austin’s Development Office (UDO) monitors our relationship with nonprofit and foundation sponsors. If you are considering contacting a foundation or other non-governmental sponsor, contact Liberal Arts Grants Services to secure UDO approval. Most non-governmental grant proposals will also require review by OSP.

Please see our Grant Submission Timeline for more information.

Tool Kits

Liberal Arts Grants Services has prepared a number of tools to help faculty and graduate students with their grant proposals:

External Resources

The following links also provide useful information on preparing successful grant proposals:

Need more help?

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