College of Liberal Arts

Limited Submissions

Application and Nomination Procedures in the College of Liberal Arts

Limited submission programs are those for which funding agencies restrict the number of nominations or proposals an organization may submit for consideration for an award. These opportunities are announced in the College of Liberal Arts by the Office of Research and Graduate Studies, and are vetted by both the Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and the Office of the Vice President for Research, through a competitive process prior to submission to the sponsor. 
Our Office releases more than fifty limited submission solicitations to faculty in the College of Liberal Arts every year. Because of the highly specialized nature of many of these calls, we receive nominations for only a fraction of them, about fifteen per year. For the opportunities that have proven the most popular, we typically review 1-4 candidates from the College, and our selected candidate is chosen as the University nominee about half of the time. Eight COLA candidates were advanced as the University nominee during 2013.

Internal Submission and Review Procedures:

In response to a limited submission solicitation, the College of Liberal Arts considers proposals only from Principal Investigators (PIs) with 100% appointments in the College. Applications are reviewed first at the College level in the COLA Office of Research and Graduate Studies, then at the University level by the Office of the Vice President for Research.

Decisions at the College-level are made by the Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies in consultation with the Dean and other Associate Deans of the College of Liberal Arts. Submissions are judged purely on the merit of the application packet. The content of application packet varies based on the details of each solicitation. Typically, it includes a letter of nomination from a Department Chair or Center or Institute Director, a two-page abstract describing the research project in lay terms, and the CV(s) of the Principal Investigator(s).

The Office of the Dean issues an endorsement letter for the selected COLA nominee based on the materials in the application packet, and forwards the packet to the appropriate contact in the Office of the Vice President for Research. The Office of the Vice President for Research notifies selected University nominees directly, and provides information on developing and submitting the full proposal. Limited submission opportunities may require a quick turn-around—candidates selected as the University nominee should be prepared to assemble proposals in as little as a month.

Contact with the Dean or Associate Deans, with program staff at the sponsoring organization, or with any part of the Office of the Vice President for Research has no bearing on decisions at the College level.

Preparing a Competitive Application:

The most competitive applications specifically address the sponsor’s funding priorities and articulate a clear plan for research. We advise applicants to read the limited submission call and the sponsor’s grant guidelines carefully and respond to the specific objectives of the grant opportunity. Applicants may also choose to investigate past grant recipients’ projects; most sponsors provide a listing of previous awardees and winning abstracts. The research project description should also clearly describe the steps to completing the proposed project. While supporting documents like letters of commitments and cost-share agreements are not required for internal review of limited submissions, Principal Investigators should obtain verbal commitments for all resources required to complete the project before submitting their applications to the COLA Office of Research and Graduate Studies. Applicants may be asked to provide these on quick turnaround if selected as the University’s nominee.

Questions Regarding Limited Submissions:

The Office of Research and Graduate Studies should be the point of contact for any inquiries regarding the limited submissions process. While we are happy receive your questions, please be aware we are required to avoid releasing information that may give any one candidate a competitive advantage over another. We provide a thorough proposal review for projects that are selected to submit to sponsor, after an internal nomination has been secured.

Commitment to Submit, as Proposed:

Please note that by submitting a proposal for a limited submission, you are making a commitment to submit your project--exactly as proposed--to the sponsor if you are selected. After a nominee has been chosen by the University to submit to the sponsor, changes in personnel and scope of work will require approval from the COLA Office of Research and Graduate Studies in consultation with the Office of Sponsored Projects and any other relevant campus offices, and may result in loss of the nomination. If you are unable to apply for an opportunity for which you have been selected, you must notify the COLA Office of Research and Graduate Studies no later than one week after you receive your official notice of nomination.

For list of current limited submission solicitations, visit additional information, please contact Liberal Arts Grants Services