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Department of Rhetoric & Writing

Dana L. Cloud

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Dr. Dana L. Cloud received her Ph.D. in rhetorical studies from the University of Iowa in 1992. Since that time, she has been on the faculty of the Department of Communication Studies at the University of Texas, where she teaches in the areas of social movements, gender and communication, rhetorical criticism, public sphere theory, Marxist theory, and feminist theory. Professor Cloud’s research interests lie in the areas of rhetoric and social movements, critique of representations of race and gender in the mass media, and the defense of historical materialist theory and method in communication studies. Currently she is working on a book about dissident union activists and a project on rhetoric and violence. Her work has appeared in the scholarly journals Communication and Critical/Cultural Studies, Quarterly Journal of Speech, Critical Studies in Media Communication, Rhetoric and Public Affairs, and the Western Journal of Communication. In addition, she has one published book, Control and Consolation in American Culture and Politics: Rhetorics of Therapy (Sage, 1998) and numerous book chapters. With Lee Artz and Steve Macek, she co-edited the volume Marxism and Communication Studies: The Point Is To Change It (Peter Lang, 2006). Professor Cloud was recently identified by the right-wing pundit David Horowitz as one of the most dangerous 101 professors in the United States, and he has targeted her again in his new book Indoctrination U, prompting her to do a lot of writing about academic freedom. A longtime activist and socialist, Professor Cloud lives in Austin, Texas with her partner Katie Feyh and her daughter Samantha.

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