Absorbing Israel: Understanding Contemporary Multiculturalism and Nation-building in Ordinary Life

Faculty Student Seminar: A Talk by Dr. Amy Weinreb

Tue, November 23, 2010 | Texas Hillel Library, 2105 San Antonio St.

12:00 PM

The notion of “absorption” (klitah קליטה), meaning the social and economic integration of immigrants, has remained an ideal since the founding of the modern state of Israel. But absorption is also an ideological tool that often runs counter to the contemporary lived experience of citizenship, participation, nation-building, and the conflicting interests of today’s multicultural publics. How fluid are boundaries between these groups? How committed are various publics to a coherent nation-building project? How different are their interests, tastes and desires? Reflecting on observations of ordinary life during two years of ethnographic fieldwork in a multicultural development town established with the intent to absorb immigrants, I address these questions.

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