Dimitry Shumsky speaks in honor of Israeli Independence Day.

Sun, April 15, 2012

In honor of Israeli Independence Day, Dr. Dimitry Shumsky of Hebrew University in Jerusalem will deliver a lecture titled "Zionist Alternatives to a (Jewish) Nation-State" April 26 at Texas Hillel.

While most assume a sovereign Jewish nation-state has always been the Zionist movement's ultimate goal, Shumsky contends that pre-1948 mainstream Zionism, along with the radical members of Brith Shalom, advocated an autonomous--but not necessarily statist--interpretation of self-determination. This interpretation was envisaged within a bi-national confederational political framework that would embrace both Jewish and Arab autonomous entities.

See the official event listing for full details.

Read Shumsky's groundbreaking article on this subject in Jewish History 25.

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