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Podcast: Food for Thought: Culture and Cuisine in Russia & Eastern Europe

Tue, March 4, 2014

Eat This Podcast: Talking About Anything Around Food
has posted a podcast on the recent symposium, 
Food for Thought: Culture and Cuisine in Russia & Eastern Europe, 1800-present,
hosted Feb 7-8, 2014, by the Department of Slavic and Eurasian Studies, the Department of History and the Center for European Studies. 

The podcast features Department of Slavic and Eurasian Studies Chair Mary Neuburger discussing the two-day symposium on the culture and history of food in the Russian Empire (and Soviet Union), its successor states, as well as “Eastern Europe” broadly defined. The conference drew on a wide range of sources and disciplines, with speakers exploring how patterns of food cultivation, preparation, and consumption are embedded in local, national, and trans-national cultural configurations.

The podcast focuses on several of the talks given at the symposium:

  • Bella Bychkova-Jordan, University of Texas “Traveling Foods: Diffusion of Native Food Complexes from the New World to Different Parts of Eurasia.”
  • Michael Pesenson, University of Texas “Feasting and Fasting in Muscovite Rus.”
  • Irina Glouchshenko, Moscow School of Higher Economics “Industrialization of Taste: Anastas Mikoyan and the Making of Soviet Cuisine in the 1930s.”
  • Brian Davies and Kolleen Guy, University of Texas San Antonio “Why Don’t We Drink Russian Malbec: The Crimean Origins of a ‘French’ Varietal?”
  • Nikolai Burlakoff, Independent Scholar "Borsch (Borscht, Bortsch, Borschch): From Hogweed Soup to Outer Space, the Improbable Odyssey of the World’s Best Known Soup Dish.”
  • Mary Neuburger, University of Texas “Cooking for Bai Tosho: A Bulgarian Celebrity Chef Serves up the Past.”
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