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M.A., University of Houston

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Cristian Paredes



Cristian L. Paredes is a PhD Candidate in the Department of Sociology and a Graduate Student Trainee in the Population Research Center.  He is primarily interested in the influence of immigration on several social dynamics of U.S. metropolitan areas, and in the multidimensionality of the ethno-racial condition in Latin American contexts of mestizaje (Spanish for ethnic/racial mixture).  In his paper, entitled “The Consumption of Out-of-Home Highbrow Leisure by Ethnicity and National Origin: Attendance at Museums and Live Theatres in Houston,” he explains the consumption of highbrow leisure events by minority/ethnic individuals, immigrants, and their descendants as efforts toward their integration and assimilation in metropolitan areas.  This paper is forthcoming in the journal Ethnic and Racial Studies

In his dissertation, entitled “Multidimensional Ethno-Racial Status in Latin American Contexts of Mestizaje,” he argues that several ethno-racial characteristics refer to conceptually and empirically distinct dimensions of ethno-racial status in contexts of mestizaje.  He also argues that these dimensions should be considered together when analyzing ethno-racial issues because they concurrently characterize mestizo (mixed-race) individuals.  Using this theoretical approach, he studies ethno-racial inequality in Peru; the significance of phenotype in Guatemala; and the influence of Catholic heritage on non-Afro identities, and prejudice against Haitians in the Dominican Republic.


SOC 319 • Intro To Social Demography

44510 • Spring 2016
Meets TTH 330pm-500pm CLA 0.128


This course is designed to provide an introduction to demography by focusing on the following questions: What are the major components of population change? How are populations structured? What theoretical perspectives guide the scientific study of population?  What data are used to study population changes? What are some of the key methods used to analyze population change and structure? What are major causes and consequences of population change? How are policies created to better help societies deal with population change?  Moreover, this course aims to provide students with some basic skills in demographic analysis (the mathematics used in this course are not difficult/advanced). 

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