Department of Sociology
 Department of Sociology

Jaya Soni

University of Texas - Austin, Present



SOC 321K • Asian Amers & Commun Building

46082 • Spring 2011
Meets M 330pm-630pm JES A218A
(also listed as AAS 330)

Although Asian America constitutes a complicated collection of various groups, media, social, and political institutions continue to reinforce a shared identity. Given this reality, what are some of the current-day societal trends and issues that impact Asian Desi Pacific Islander Americans? This course begins with creating a shared understanding of Asian American issues and then evaluating the real life ethical choices one may make in attempting to build community.

The course has three goals. The first is to identify and gain a detailed understanding of key issues which are transforming the Asian American experience today. The second, is to understand how Asian Americans have responded to such key issues and the attempts that have been taken to form a community/or national consciousness. In doing so, students will be asked to explore community discourse through everyday mediums. We’ll be using both academic and popular culture materials to delve deeper into issues such as Asian Americans and higher education, politics and organizing, hate/crimes, and sexuality. Thirdly students are expected to contribute with their own understanding of Asian American issues and participate in this “conscious raising” process by submitting journal entries and a final paper that they will use to engage other students in dialogue during class activities.

REQUIRED TEXTS: Your readings will come from several sources:
1. Coursepack available at:
Paradigm Books
407 W. 24th Street Austin, TX 78705 Phone: 512-472-7986
2. Blackboard 3. Asian American Interest Online Resources (see below) 4. Books:
UCLA Asian American Studies Center (2009). The Political World of Asian Americans, Amerasia Journal, 35:3. (Complete Journal Issue Available online through University Subscription).
Chou, R., Feagin, J. (2009). The Model Minority Myth: Asian Americans Facing Racism.    Boulder, CO: Paradigm Books
M. Liu, K. Lai, T. Geron. (2008). The Snake Dance of Asian American Activism: Community, Vision, and Power. Lanham, MD: Lexington Books. (also avail.elect. resource)

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