Department of Sociology

Admissions & Transferring Coursework

The Department of Sociology does not have a competitive application process for Undergraduate Studies. All students eligible for the College of Liberal Arts may list Sociology as a major without a separate application.

The Sociology major at UT Austin requires 27 hours of coursework with 18 hours in residence. This means up to 9 hours can be taken as transfer coursework (or via correspondence). SOC 302 and SOC 317L do have non-UT Austin transfer equivalents and can be taken elsewhere. The department does not accept SOC 317M (Social Research Methods) and SOC 379M (Social Theory) taken at other institutions - these courses MUST be taken in residence.

Note: UT Austin does not have a degree program in Criminal Justice or Criminology. Students may pursue any UT Austin major and take the criminology courses offered through the Sociology Department.

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