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Sociology Major

Sociology is a Liberal Arts major and follows the Liberal Arts degree plan for a Bachelor of Arts degree. This degree plan requires specified hours in English, foreign language, American history and government, social sciences, natural sciences, fine arts, and two courses designated as writing components.

Students must complete 27 hours of Sociology coursework (at least 18 hours in residence), including SOC 302 (Intro to Study of Society), SOC 317L (Intro to Social Statistics) or approved substitution, SOC 317M (Intro to Social Research), and SOC 379M (Sociological Theory). Sociology majors also need to complete 15 hours of Sociology elective coursework with a minimum of 12 hours upper division. A minimum grade of C will be required in SOC 302, SOC 317L and SOC 317M.

For all Sociology majors: Students are only allowed to enroll in SOC 317M twice, and must receive permission to enroll in the course for a second time.

Sociology Minor

Those wishing to complete a minor in Sociology must complete 12 hours of coursework in Sociology (6 hours of which must be upper division).

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