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Darsana Manayathu Sasi

LecturerPhD in Malayalam Literature, University of Kerala


Malayalam Handwritten Journals


Writing is the highest level of art. It will increase one’s creativity with better critical thinking, and it will boost academic self-confidence. One can increase reading capacity with the power of writing. This is an exercise of one’s creative ability. It allows students to be more thoughtful and to pay closer attention to the content at hand even more so than the use of technology.

Malayalam is the mother tongue of Keralites. Speakers of various languages choose to study Malayalam either because of their interest or to understand a different culture. This is a wonderful opportunity to know the Kerala style of the conversation through the Malayalam language.

Our aim is to make a journal with various handwritten articles. Our plan is to publish these journals every year or biannually.

Students are not asked to write a great novel or an epic poem. They just write what comes to mind, to get their thoughts on paper. They can express their ideas, emotions, and dreams through the words of a poem, or a short story, or memories of a journey, and so on.

Handwritten Journal Archives

Spring 2016