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Leigh Linden

Assistant ProfessorPh.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Leigh Linden




Working in the fields of development economics and economics of education, my work explores the role of education in the microeconomic foundations of poverty. I focus on understanding both the education production process and the family decision problems that determine the allocation of educational opportunities within the household, particularly along the lines of gender. Methodologically, I specialize in the use of large-scale randomized controlled trials. Finally, I also have an entirely seperate line of research investingating political economy issues in India.

Regional Interest(s)

While I have ongoing work in many parts of the world, South Asia (along with Latin America) is one of my two primary areas of interest. I have ongoing research projects inolving India, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. In particular, I have extensive research experience in the education sector in India, having condcuted seven different randomized controlled trials their of various educational programs and seperate projects on caste discrimination in education and the role of children's peer networks in migrant communities in Gurgaon. Each of these projects indivdiually required several years of data collection, and as result, I have extensive experience working in the country.

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