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Water Filters to Provide Clean Drinking Water in Pakistan

Tue, September 7, 2010

Those who survived the floods are facing multiple challenges to stay alive. The availability of clean drinking water is going to be the crucial factor for survival, especially for younger children who are most vulnerable to cholera, and gastroenteritis. Already we are hearing about outbreak of skin diseases, and cholera in relief camps.

You can help stop this unfolding disaster by chiping in as much as you can towards the purchase of Water Filter Devices. After much research we have identified water filtering devices- The Sawyer PointZERO Two filter (which $139 per unit) that are capable of removing bacteria, protozoa, cysts, as well as viruses – and will thus purify the water from major waterborne threats such as cholera, typhoid, or hepatitis A – to provide clean and safe drinking water. We are asking for your donations to purchase and ship these water filtering devices to install in camps and flood affected communities in Pakistan. You can donate as little as $5, $10, $25, or if gainfully employed than the price of one filter.

This is a spontaneous, informal direct aid initiative. 100% of the donated money will be used to buy and send filters. We are volunteers and we will not use any of the donated funds towards administrative costs. For questions please contact us at

If you are interested in helping then please visit:

Fighting the Flood: We are graduate students with links to grass roots relief efforts in relief camps in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (formerly NWFP), Southern Punjab and Sindh. Please write to us on the given email if you will like more information. 

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