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Call for UT Graduate Student Participation

We are currently seeking to build our editorial collective of graduate students. Working with Sagar offers an inside perspective on academic publishing, an opportunity to build your CV, and a chance to network with colleagues. Residence in Austin is not required. We request UT graduate students to fill the following positions:

Readers: Readers screen submissions, offer initial feedback, and weigh in on decisions to forward submissions to faculty editors. Reading takes place during October-November.

Shepherds: Each shepherd is in charge of facilitating "blind" communication between two outside faculty readers and the author of a single paper.  Shepherding takes place during November-December.

Webmasters: Webmasters keep the Sagar website up-to-date. These are ongoing positions for the 2012-2013 academic year.

Senior Editors: Senior editors select issue themes and make decisions about the scope of the journal. Senior editors must commit to working with Sagar for an entire academic year.

Editor-in-Chief: We are currently seeking 1-2 Editor/s-in-Chief for the 2014 issue of Sagar.


If interested, please contact us at