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Step 3: Post-orientationReview course options for your first semester at UT

"Registration" refers to the first time you sign up for classes for a given semester.  "Add/drop" refers to the schedule changes that you make after your initial registration period. Consider adding and dropping to be part of registration.  If you don't get the schedule you want during initial registration, remember that you will have opportunities later to make changes.


Students can add available classes for which they meet the prerequisites online through the fourth class day during a long-session semester and the second day of a summer session.

Between the fifth and twelfth class days (third and fourth days for summer), students must seek the permission of the department offering the course in order to be added. Instructor approval may also be required.

After the twelfth class day (fourth for summer), students must come to the Student Division for instructions on adding courses. Adding courses at this time is rarely allowed.


Students can drop classes online up through the twelfth class day of a long-session semester (and the fourth class day of a summer session). Students who drop during this period may be entitled to a refund. Courses dropped during this period do not appear on a student's record.

From the thirteenth class day through the midsemester deadline in a long-session (fifth through last day in summer), students must obtain a form from the Student Division, and then obtain the instructor's signature to drop a course with a Q.

After the midsemester long-session deadline, students must speak with a Dean's Office (Student Division) advisor in GEB 2.306 and will only be approved to drop a course for urgent, substantiated, and nonacademic reasons. Drops are rarely allowed during this time. A student might be able to use his/her One-Time-Exception (OTE) to drop a single class or withdraw from all classes after the deadline for academic reasons, but must speak with a Dean's Office advisor to see if they qualify. international students will also need the permission of the International Office in order to pursue a drop.

Limit on Q-drops

Students who entered a Texas public institution of higher education in fall 2007 or later will be restricted to six Q-drops in their academic careers. Exceptions may be made for documented, non-academic circumstances.

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