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Step 3: Pre-orientationReview course options for your first semester at UT

All majors in Liberal Arts have devised four year plans to ensure timely graduation. You will meet with an academic advisor during orientation to talk about courses, majors and more. The courses on which you settle for the fall semester should be chosen from the slate of potential first year courses.

First- year Interest Groups (FIGs):

One option for first-year classes comes from the First-Year Interest Groups (FIGs).

Examples of upcoming FIGs include:

Zilker Park                          

    LA 001:  First -Year Interest Group Seminar
    SOC 308:  Gender, Race, Class in American Society
    ARC 308:  Architecture and Society

Austin City Limits

    LA 001:  First-Year Interest Group Seminar
    UGS 303: The Social Scientific Imagination
    AMS 310:  Introduction to American Studies
    PSY 301:  Introduction to Psychology
You will receive a full list of FIG clusters during orientation.

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