College of Liberal Arts


The University of Texas at Austin offers undergraduate students a wide variety of transcriptable certificates. Students should discuss certificates with their academic advisor to see how it could fit in their overall academic plan.

African Studies

The African Studies certificate allows students to engage with scholarship on African peoples, cultures, and history through the theoretical lens of Black Studies.

Bridging Disciplines Program

An interdisciplinary certificate through a course of study that integrates classroom, research, and internship experiences, with interdisciplinary concentrations in 11 areas.

Business and Public Policy

The Business & Public Policy (BPP) Certificate provides undergraduate students with the opportunity to have an officially recognized concentration in the study of business and public policy.

Business Foundations

Introduces students to the fundamentals of modern business practices.

Communication and Society

This concentration is designed for consumers and creators of messages in public contexts. It is open only to students in majors outside the Moody College of Communication.

Core Texts and Ideas

Introduction to the liberal arts through the study of the great books with an integrated sequence of six courses that can also meet UT Austin general education requirements.

Creative Writing

The Creative Writing Certificate is intended for any University student interested in advanced study of creative writing, both as reader and as writer.

Elements of Computing

Classes for non-CS majors designed to help students succeed in business, music, education, arts, media, engineering, medicine, science and beyond.

Energy Management

Equips students to successfully meet today's energy management challenges by training them in business, geoscience, petroleum operations and law.

Indigenous Studies

Information Studies

Aimed at supporting student's information literacy to help meet the needs of employees of the high tech, governmental, and other sectors of our economy.

LGBTQ/Sexualities Studies

The LGBTQ/Sexualities Studies Certificate recognizes lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) scholarship and acknowledges widespread faculty expertise in this field. 

Real Estate

The Undergraduate Real Estate Certificate program (Texas URE) offers all undergraduate students at UT Austin the opportunity to tap into the real estate industry by supplementing their primary degree with an officially recognized certification in real estate.

Scientific Computing

Students take core courses in scientific computing as well as applied courses that focus on individual scientific disciplines.

Sports Media

The Sports Media Certificate is designed to complement a student’s education by developing his or her proficiency and knowledge in the area of sports media. 

Supply Logistics Optimization

This certificate equips students with the technical skills in the industrial and manufacturing side of supply chain logistics and the management skills in product development, process innovation and manufacturing systems engineering.