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First Year Interest Groups FIGs

What are FIGs?

A FIG (First-year Interest Group) consists of 15-20 freshman that take two to three courses together as well as a one-hour weekly seminar co-facilitated by both a peer and staff mentor. In the seminar class (UGS 018), you will discuss issues that you will encounter as a freshman, learn about study and time management strategies, engage in social opportunities, and discover opportunities and resources available to you as a UT student. In addition, FIGs:

  • Guarantee registration in two to three classes.
  • Satisfy degree requirements.
  • Build connections between academic and social experiences.
  • Provide special contacts with UT Austin students, professors, and advisors.
  • Introduce resources within Liberal Arts and at the University.
  • Foster the formation of study groups and long-lasting friendships.

Each Liberal Arts FIG is suitable for a number of academic interests, including: medicine, law, the arts, international studies, business, criminology, gender studies, communications, and religious studies. You may choose any FIG regardless of your intended major or career path.

FIGs offer you a chance to explore the wide variety of courses offered at UT. Some FIGs may include courses you know little about, but being able to take these courses can open the door to major opportunities. Don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone or take a FIG that doesn’t seem to apply directly to your major. All Liberal Arts FIGs contain core courses that will count towards all Liberal Arts degrees as well as most other degrees at UT Austin.

With that in mind, most students should seriously consider registering for a Liberal Arts FIG. If you have declared a major, you might look at FIGs that include a course in your major department. However, to be a full-time student you will still need one or two courses beyond what you get in a FIG; you can add a course in your major to supplement the courses within the FIG. When you choose a FIG, you are choosing all the times and classes in that FIG cluster; no substitutions allowed. Do not choose a FIG that includes any courses for which you already have credit (dual credit or credit-by-exam). You cannot receive credit twice for a course, and you may not drop the course in question. Instead, choose another FIG.

Fall 2013 FIG Classes

A full list of FIG clusters and their classes can be found in this document. Fall 2013 FIG class list (pdf)