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Arabic, Hebrew, Persian or Turkish Credit by Exam

Friday Nov 1, 2013 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM | BUR 136

Credit-By-Exam Evaluations


A credit-by-exam (CBE) evaluation determines which courses in the language sequence a student may claim credit for based on his/her current proficiency level. These evaluations are typically taken by students who wish to fulfill the language requirement or receive credit for one or more courses in the language sequence but DO NOT intend to continue their study of that language at UT. CBE credit is available for ARA 601C & 611C, HEB 601C & 611C, PRS 601C & 611C, and TUR 601C & 611C, which are the department's first-year language sequences.

The exam consists of exercises in reading and writing, as well as a short oral interview if necessary. The exam is scheduled for three hours, though participants may finish in less time.

CBE evaluations are open to any student seeking to gain credit to fulfill the language requirement for his/her degree. Students who are planning to enroll in a DMES language course in the future should not opt for CBE; they should take a placement exam. Students who seek CBE and later decide to enroll in a language course at UT will have to take a separate placement exam (See Placement Exams above).

The credit-by-exam is held only ONCE per year in the fall semester.

The next Credit-By-Exam test will take place on Friday, November 1, 2013 from 2:00 - 5:00pm in BUR 136.

To register for the Credit-By-Exam in Arabic, Hebrew, Persian or Turkish, please complete the form on this site. Examinees must bring with them a photo ID and a Department-Administered Credit-By-Exam form from the Center for Teaching and Learning located in the Red McCombs School of Business, GSB 2.130, 2110 Speedway, Austin, TX, 78713. There is a $20 registration fee and $55 examination fee, and these fees are paid on your What I Owe page.