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UTurn Mentor Profiles


Sherwin Calderon 

Salutations my Longhorn brethren, you may call me Sherwin Calderon. I hail from lands south of here, a 5 day ride – Houston. My expertise is in Government and my trade is sarcasm. I am hopeful my current endeavors will lead me to become chief of my clan or, by the grace of our sovereign, ambassador to the people but, alas I am only enduring my second winter here at university. In particular, I am quite privy to extracurricular of the virtual and physical like; in plain English, I enjoy playing basketball, racquetball, League of Legends, etc. It is my wish that no matter who you choose as a mentor, it will lead you off the path of academic insecurity. 


Jeffery Charles 

Hello UTurn students & fellow Longhorns! My name is Jeffrey Charles and I am a second year French Major from Houston, Texas.  I plan on double majoring in speech pathology in the future. So after graduation I plan on going to graduate school in order to get my Masters and maybe in the future my Ph.D. I like to do many activities that involve interacting with others like camping, Frisbee, soccer and if not outdoor play racquet ball. I would encourage anyone to join me. I’m trilingual and I always have a great sense of humor when helping others. I’m looking forward to serve as a peer mentor and most important to welcome you to this wonderful program.


Graham Garnett

Welcome to the UTurn Program! My name is Graham, I'm a native Texan, and am entering my final year at the University of Texas. I'm a History major and a Music minor, and am participating in UT's new Music Recording Technology program. I'm currently planning on attending law school after graduation, focusing on international public interest law. In my spare time I love writing, playing, recording, and listening to music, as well as going to shows. I spent a couple of years doing audio work in Austin's video game industry, so if that's an industry you're interested in just ask and I'll tell you all about it. I wish you all a great semester and I'm looking forward to meeting you!


Lauren Martinez 

Hey y'all! My name is Lauren Martinez and I am a second year Government Major. Born and raised in the Houston area: Humble, TX is my home. My plan after graduation is to attend Law School where I will focus on business law, contracting, and corporate law. I also plan to get my Masters one day in Business Administration. I enjoy being active and participating in on campus organizations such as Phi Alpha Delta Pre-Law Fraternity, FIG Mentorship, Sigma Delta Tau Sorority, UTurn Mentorship, and the University Panhellenic council. In my spare time I enjoy hanging out with friends, exploring Austin, listening to music, and doing community service. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask. I am very excited to work with you and look forward to meeting y'all soon. Hook 'Em


Allie Orrick 

Hello wonderful mentees! Welcome to the UTurn program! My name is Allie and I am a second year majoring in economics. Who doesn't love numbers right? I'm really into understanding the way the world of business works, and I'm hoping I can eventually own my own business some day in the future.  I am from a tiny tiny town in East Texas. Population: 1,000-literally. I really enjoy watching and playing sports. That's pretty much my life--aside from studying and shopping. I have one younger sister, Abbie, whom I love oh so much! My family means the world to me. Any who, I'm so looking forward to getting to know each of you, and once again, welcome to the program!


Jeaneete Pacheco 

Hello UTurn Students and welcome to the program! I look forward to meeting all of you this semester. My name is Jeanette Pacheco and I am a second year Psychology Major. I was born and raised in Corpus Christi, TX but I like to consider myself an Austinite and I love exploring Austin and all that it has to offer, which is a lot! I’m still trying to figure out what I want to do in the long run but as of now I’m hoping to ultimately be a clinical psychologist. I love interacting with people and I consider myself very outgoing. I try to make anyone I talk to feel as comfortable as possible. I have many hobbies and interests. I’m a huge music lover and I love going to shows whenever I can and playing music. I also love cooking, eating, baking, or just anything involving food. I know a decent amount of Italian and I love learning more and more about Italian culture any time that I can. I can’t wait to meet all of you and to hopefully be your peer mentor. Welcome to UTurn!


Priscilla Valdez

Hi UTurn Students! My name is Priscilla and I am a second year International Relations major. I grew up in Los Angeles, California but moved to San Antonio, Texas six years ago. As you can probably tell from my major, I hope to travel all over the country and the world in the future to experience different cultures and food. I also enjoy trips to the lake or river, reading, surfing the web, watching movies, and trying different things. I am so excited to meet and to work with all of you! Welcome to UTurn! 

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