College of Liberal Arts

First-Year Connections

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As one of the largest universities in the country, The University of Texas at Austin is rich in diversity and culture. There is something for everyone! While exciting, this can also be overwhelming. That’s why first-year connections have been established campus-wide to help you find your home away from home.

First-Year Interest Groups

A FIG (First-year Interest Group) consists of 15-20 freshmen that take two to three courses together as well as a one-hour weekly seminar co-facilitated by both a peer and staff mentor. In the seminar class (UGS 018), students discuss issues that freshmen commonly encounter, learn about study and time management strategies, engage in social opportunities, and discover opportunities and resources available to UT students. In addition, FIGs

  • Guarantee registration in two to three classes.
  • Satisfy degree requirements.
  • Build connections between academic and social experiences.
  • Provide special contacts with UT Austin students, professors, and advisors.
  • Introduce resources within Liberal Arts and at the University.
  • Foster the formation of study groups and long-lasting friendships.

Each Liberal Arts FIG is suitable for a number of academic interests, including: medicine, law, the arts, international studies, business, criminology, gender studies, communications, and religious studies. You may choose any FIG regardless of your intended major or career path.

A full list of FIG clusters and their classes can be found in the Fall 2014 FIG list and FIG Course Descriptions.