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Step 4Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The Be A Longhorn site has a very useful FAQ page that answers questions relating to admissions, housing, financial aid, and non-academic issues.


Q When do classes start?
A SummerStart classes being on Monday, July 11, and end on Friday, August 12. Finals will be held on Saturday, August 14, and Monday, August 16.

Q Can I make an appointment with an academic advisor prior to orientation?
A Academic advisors will not be available for appointments before orientation but will be available to see you on a walk-in basis on Wednesday, May 18, Thursday, May 19, Tuesday, May 31, and Friday, July 8 should you have any urgent concerns or questions. Some department offices are closed from noon - 1 p.m. You must complete the Advising & Registration Worksheet in order to be advised.

Q What is a prerequisite?
A  A prerequisite is a requirement that must be met prior to taking a course. It is usually an appropriate score on a placement exam, or credit for a previous course. Course descriptions list the prerequisites for the course, if any exist. Some freshman-level courses do not have any prerequisites.

Q What if I don't meet the prerequisite for a course?
A The registration system DOES check prerequisites for some courses. You must choose courses for which you meet, or will meet (i.e. expecting placement scores, etc.), the prerequisites prior to the start of classes. If you do not meet the prerequisites, you will likely be dropped from the class, usually after classes begin. It may be necessary to take a test (see next question) to satisfy a prerequisite.

Q What if I do meet the prerequisite for a course but the registration system will not allow me to add it?
A Please register for a substitute course and discuss the problem with an academic advisor during new student orientation.

Q What is a credit by exam/placement test and do I have to take any?
A These tests measure your proficiency in a subject to ensure you are placed in the appropriate level course. Students who have received college credit in math or English through high school courses (dual credit), or who have taken other placement tests should see the Getting Started section to determine appropriate tests.

Q Do I have to take courses that satisfy different degree requirements?
A We strongly encourage you to take courses that satisfy different degree areas. For example, you will need two social science courses, but we recommend you take a social science and a U.S. history or a writing course in order to achieve a balanced schedule.

Q Do I have to register for two courses?
A Yes. Students who register for more or fewer than two courses will be contacted by an advisor to discuss their schedule.

Q Can I register for courses not on the class listing page?
A Yes, but only after consulting with an academic advisor. While the university offers many summer courses not listed, students entering in the 2011 SummerStart program are expected to register for courses on the list. Students registering for other courses, as well as those who register for more or fewer than the required number of hours (six) will be called in to discuss their schedules with an advisor.


Q What if the courses I want are not available?
A Course availability may change during the registration period. The college will monitor course availability and capacity in certain sections could increase. Other students will also be making schedule changes, which may "open" courses.

Q When can I add and/or drop classes?
A While every student is encouraged to begin the registration process on May 31, you can continue to make schedule changes through June 1 and again on July 8.

After registration is over, students will have opportunities to discuss possible schedule changes with an academic advisor during new student orientation. "Adds and drops" due to placement exam results will be made at that time. Students must remain in the 6 hours. If changes result in additional tuition/fees, payment must be made by 5 p.m. the same day that registration changes occur. These payments can be made using the same methods listed in Paying Tuition and Fees.

Q What happens if I miss registration?
A Students who do not register on May 31 or June 1 will have to wait until July 9 to register. When possible, students are strongly encouraged to register by June 1.

Q When is my summer tuition due?
A Payment must be received no later than 5 p.m. on June 1 (or July 8 if you register on that day).

Q What if I don't pay my tuition bill by the official deadline?
A Your registration will be canceled, and you will be dropped ("zapped") from your classes. Your classes will NOT be saved and you may have to choose other courses.

Q If I drop a class... when will I get a refund for a dropped class?
A Refunds, less any debt owed to the university, will be made for courses dropped during the first four class days for the summer session. Refunds for the summer session will be mailed approximately one week after the first four class days to the student's local address or deposited into the account indicated if an electronic funds authorization is in effect. Go to the Where's My Check Web site (EID required) about a week after the fourth class day for the summer to check on the status of your refund.