Advisory Committee

The Texas Language Center Advisory Committee is important for shaping the future direction and plans of the TLC, as well as helping to ensure that all language departments are represented in the Center. The committee is made up of language teaching faculty from each foreign language department and, as such, has an extensive knowledge of the particular needs and circumstances of the various departmental programs.

Niyi AfolabiNiyi Afolabi
Associate Professor
Department of African and African Diaspora Studies
Department of Spanish and Portuguese

Interests:  Afro-Brazilian Cultural Studies; Yoruba Diaspora Studies; Lusophone African Literature; Comparative African Diaspora Studies; Latin American Cultural Studies

Carol SeegerCarol Seeger
Senior Lecturer
ASL Course Coordinator
American Sign Language Program, Department of Linguistics

Courses taught: All five levels of American Sign Language (ASL). ASL 506 (First Year American Sign Language I); ASL 507 (First Year American Sign Language II); ASL312K (Second Year American Sign Language I); ASL 312L (Second Year American Sign Language II); and ASL 320 (Advanced American Sign Language Conversation).

Kyung ParkKyung Park
Senior Lecturer
Department of Asian Studies

Interests: Korean Language

Courses taught: First Year Korean I and II; Second-Year Korean I and II; Third-Year Korean I and II; Accelerated First-Year and Second-Year Korean

Jennifer EbblerJennifer Ebbeler
Associate Professor
Department of Classics

Interests: Literary and cultural history of Late Antiquity, with a particular focus on letter-writing and the writings of St. Augustine

Elaine HorwitzElaine Horwitz
Program Area Adviser, Director of the Foreign Language Education Program
Department of Curriculum and Instruction
, College of Education 

Interests: Foreign language anxiety, learner beliefs about language learning, language learning strategies

Carl BlythCarl Blyth
Associate Professor
Department of French and Italian
Director of COERLL

Interests: Computer mediated communication and second language use and development
Research projects: (1) An analysis of stance-taking strategies in a telecollaborative course between American and French college students, (2) an exploration of the application of open educational resources (OERs) for foreign language learning, and (3) an empirical classroom study of eComma, a web-based application that allows a group of readers to create collaborative interpretations of a text.

Per UrlaubPer Urlaub
Assistant Professor
Germanic Lower-Level Language Coordinator

Department of Germanic Studies

Interests: Second-language reading research, specifically the development of literary reading skills through strategy instruction, the assessment of critical literacy, as well as second-language literature instruction through creative writing. In addition, he is currently working on the contribution of documentary film towards transcultural literacy and the development of intercultural competence in study abroad contexts.

Blake AtwoodBlake Atwood
Assistant Professor
Persian Language Coordinator
Department of Middle Eastern Studies

Interests: Middle Eastern Cinema, Film and Technology, Visual Culture, Contemporary Persian Literature
Courses taught: Theories Of Transnational Cinema, Intensive Persian I and II, Contemporary Middle Eastern Cinema, Visual Culture: War & Revolution, Intermediate Persian I, Persian Across Disciplines 

Michael PesensonMichael Pesenson
Assistant Professor
Russian Language Coordinator

Department of Slavic and Eurasian Studies

Interests: Medieval East and South Slavic literatures, Russian baroque literature and culture, nineteenth century Russian literature and culture, early Russian opera and theater, apocalyptic themes in Russian literature, literary dystopias.

Melissa MurphyMelissa Murphy
Director and Coordinator of the Spanish & Portuguese Language Programs
Department of Spanish and Portuguese

Interests: Romance linguistics; grammaticalization; tense, mood and aspect; language pedagogy

Courses Taught: Beginning Spanish I, Beginning Spanish II, Accelerated Beginning Spanish, Intermediate Spanish I, Intermediate Spanish II, Intensive Intermediate Spanish, Advanced Grammar & Composition I, Advanced Grammar & Composition II (Academic Writing), Introduction to Hispanic Linguistics, Practical Phonetics, Applied Linguistics, Supervised Teaching in Spanish & Portuguese