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Graduate Questionnaire

As you prepare to graduate from UT and move on to the next phase of your life, we invite you to reflect on your time on campus and tell us your story.
Thank you.

Degree Program:

What are your plans following commencement?

How has your UT experience prepared you for what lies ahead?

As you look back over your time here at UT, what moments/experiences stand out? Briefly explain, please.

One of the many great resources on this campus are the members of our faculty who are the intellectual leadership for The University. During your academic career has there been a particular faculty member who has challenged you to expand your realm of thought and who has had a strong influence in your life? If so, please tell us who that faculty member is and how he or she has affected your life.

Have there been additional individuals who have influenced you during your tenure at UT? Who are they and how has their influence affected your life? (i.e. advisor or other staff person, administrator)

Last September, the observation deck of the UT Tower was reopened. The historical reopening of this icon evokes a variety of emotions and personal connections for many people. What does the UT Tower mean to you?

What advice do you have for incoming freshmen?

NOTE: It is possible that the Office of University Relations will want to interview you or get permission to use some of your words in a commencement publication. Please provide us with the following information so that we might contact you.



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12 May 2000
The University of Texas at Austin
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