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Commemorative Items Texas Style

In conjunction with the 120th Fall Commencement, The University of Texas at Austin is proud to offer several commemorative items for sale to graduates and their families. Limited items from prior years are also available on the order form.

Commencement T-shirts

Commencement T-shirt Photo

The image on the Commencement 2003 t-shirt depicts the words of the legendary Barbara Jordan floating in clouds, inspiring graduates to carry the core value of endless opportunity and discovery that has been a part of their education at The University of Texas at Austin with them, as they "keep going," representing Texas at Large in the global community. T-shirts with the custom design by UT graphic designer Guy Kingsbery are available for $15 each (tax included).

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Commencement Highlights Video or DVD

Commencement 2003 Video and DVD Photograph

A two-hour VHS videotape or digital video disc featuring the music, pageantry and excitement of the 120th Spring Commencement will be available for $20 each (tax included). The video captures the most important moments of the celebration from the opening strains of music to the dramatic finale complete with fireworks!

Videos and digital video discs are available by mail order only, and will not become available for four weeks after the ceremony. Please plan for at least 8 weeks following the ceremony for delivery when ordering a video or DVD. (If these items are ordered in conjunction with other items, the entire order will be held until all items can be shipped.)

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Colorful Photographs

2003 Fireworks Photograph

One of the traditions at Commencement is to have the Tower lit orange in honor of the graduates. The windows of the Tower proudly proclaim the year in which the celebration is taking place, and the crowning symbol of celebration is the fireworks framing the Tower. All of these elements are captured in a single moment from the perspective of the Littlefield Fountain and are available in the 8" x 12" photograph. They are available for $15.00 each (tax included).

(Left) 2002 celebration
(Right) 2003 celebration
Commencement 2002 Fireworks Commencement 2003 Fireworks

Tower Photograph in Daylight

As the strongest icon of The University of Texas at Austin, the UT Tower stands proudly at the heart of the campus. This photograph by Marsha Miller, photojournalist in the Office of Public Affairs, is a UT classic with the white limestone outline of the Tower framed by a clear blue sky. This 8" x 12" photograph is available for $15.00 each (tax included).

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Tower in Daylight Photo  

UT Tower Post Cards

These three spectacular photos of the UT Tower by Marsha Miller, photojournalist in the Office of Public Affairs, are perfect for sending a snapshot UT across the country or around the world. They are also suitable for framing. Sets of 9 postcards (3 of each image shown above) are available for $5.00 each.

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Tower Postcard Image 1 Tower Postcard Image 2

  Tower Postcard Image 3


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