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Commemorative Items Texas Style

The University of Texas at Austin is proud to make Commencement commemorative items available for purchase through an exclusive partnership with the University Co-op. These products are produced by Texas Style, a registered trademark of The University of Texas at Austin. When placing an order for commemorative items, shoppers will be directed to the University Co-op's online ordering system. All funds collected by the University Co-op from sales of these items are returned to the University.

Commencement T-shirts

Commencement 2005 T-shirt Photo

The official commemorative T-shirt for 2005 Commencement ceremonies is available in sizes ranging from small to double extra-large at a cost of $14.95 each. 

Commencement Highlights DVD

Commencement DVD photo

A two-hour DVD featuring the music, pageantry and excitement of the university-wide ceremony of the 122nd Spring Commencement will provide lasting memories of this magical evening. The video of the May 21, 2005, program captures the most important moments of the celebration from the opening strains of music to the dramatic fireworks finale! DVDs will be available for $19.95 each.

2005 Fireworks Photograph

Commencement 2003 Fireworks photo

Commencement 2004 Fireworks photo

One of the most visually memorable moments of Commencement occurs following the conferring of degrees at the university-wide ceremony. The UT Tower is instantly bathed in orange light with the academic year illuminated in its windows. When coupled with the celebratory fireworks at the end of the ceremony, the composite photo is a uniquely Texas hallmark of celebration. This memorable moment on May 21, 2005 will be captured in an 8" x 12" color photo available for $14.95 each.

(2003 and 2004 fireworks photos shown)

Classic Tower Photograph

Tower in Daylight Photo

As the most familiar icon of The University of Texas at Austin, the Tower symbolizes the heart of the campus. This photograph by Marsha Miller, photographer in the Office of Public Affairs, is a UT classic with the white limestone outline of the Tower framed by a clear blue sky.  This 8” x 12” color photograph is available for $14.95 each.

Torchbearers Poster

Torchbearers poster image

The poster image depicts the well-known campus sculpture by Charles Umlauf, The Torchbearers, silhouetted against the warm glow of a Texas sky, with the UT Tower in the foreground.  The poster features a quote from President Larry R. Faulkner:

“In our pursuit of excellence, the University passes the torch of knowledge from one generation to the next.  Through our graduates, we shine on.” 

The 22” x 28” poster is available for $14.99 each.

Postcards are also available featuring the poster image and accompanying quote.  Sets of 12 postcards can be purchased for $4.95 per set.

UT Tower Postcards

Tower Postcard Image 1
Tower Postcard Image 2

Three spectacular photos of the UT Tower by Marsha Miller are perfect for sending a snapshot of UT across the country, around the world or simply framing.  Sets of nine postcards (three of each image shown) are available for $4.95 per set.

Tower Postcard Image 3  

Click here to place your Commemorative Items ORDER NOW

To place an order by phone please call 1-800-255-1896, Select option 2.

The 2005 fireworks photo and commemorative DVD will not be available prior to May 21, 2005. Please plan 8 weeks following the ceremony for delivery when ordering these items. If ordered in conjunction with other products, the entire order will be held until all items can be shipped. All other items are available for purchase beginning April 8, 2005 at the Graduation Department located in the University
Co-op Outlet.  The purchase will not be charged to a customer's credit card until the order is shipped.

Please note that when placing an order for commemorative items, shoppers will be directed to the University Co-op online ordering system. Credit card statements will reflect a charge from the University Co-op for these purchases. All funds collected by the University Co-op from sales of these items are returned to the University.


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