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126th Fall Commencement

Academic Regalia

Academic regalia are worn by faculty members participating in Commencement ceremonies.

Faculty Regalia Loan Program

The University Co-op provides 65 sets of black doctor's regalia to faculty who may not own regalia so they may participate in Commencement activities. The regalia are provided at no cost. Please contact your college or school regalia representative to sign up for the program.

The regalia "package" consists of a black doctor's gown and mortar board (no hood). The Co-op does not have doctoral hoods available to loan. The faculty member can wear his or her own hood, borrow a hood or rent a hood from the Co-op.

Architecture Jeanne Crawford 512-471-0109
Communication Cindy Patiño 512-471-1553
Cockrell School of Engineering Kelly Quinney 512-471-2784
Education Jennifer McHam 512-471-3486
Fine Arts Carmen Shockley 512-232-4629
Information Terry Giles 512-471-2608
Jackson School of Geosciences Glynis Morse 512-471-0270
Liberal Arts Jessica Godbey Mahoney 512-232-2336
McCombs School of Business Jeannie Boylan 512-471-8881
Natural Sciences Holly Hunt 512-232-1079
Nursing Sue Walker 512-232-4799
Social Work Julie Cunniff 512-471-0562

Regalia are also available for rental or purchase through the University Co-op. The deadline for renting doctor's regalia from the Co-op is November 6, 2009.