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Fall Commencement 2010

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Campus Map
ACE Applied Computational Engineering
and Sciences Building
C 3 MBB Louise & James Robert Moffett
Molecular Biology Building
C 3
ADH Almetris Duren Residence Hall A 3 MBE Music building East D 2
AFP Athletic Fields Pavillion E 2 MRH Music Building East D 2
AHG Anna Hiss Gymnasium B 3 MEZ Mezes Hall D 4
ANB Arno Nowotny Building G 3 MHD Moore-Hill Hall Dormitory E 3
AND Andrews Dormitory B 4 MMS Mike A. Myers Track and Soccer Stadium F 2
ARC Animal Resources Center B 3 MNC Moncrief-Neuhaus Athletics Center E 3
ART Art Building and Museum D 3 MRH Music Building & Recital Hall and Music Building East D 2
BAT Batts Hall D 4 MSB Mail Service Building F 2
BEL L. Theo Bellmont Hall E 3 NEZ North End Zone E 3
BEN Benedict Hall D 4 NHB Norman Hackerman Building (future site) C 3
BHD Brackenridge Hall Dormitory E 3 NOA North Office Building A B 3
BIO Biological Laboratories C 4 NMS Neural and Molecular Science Building B 3
BLD Blanton Dormitory B 3 NSA Natural Sciences Annex B 3
BMA Jack S. Blanton Museum of Art E 4 NST Nano Science and Technology Building C 3
BME Biomedical Engineering Building B3 NUR Nursing School G 3
BOT Biological Greenhouse C 4 PAC College of Fine Arts Performing Arts Center D 2
BRB Bernard and Audre Rapoport Building D 3 PAI T. S. Painter Hall C 3
BTL Battle Hall C 4 PAR Parlin Hall C 4
BUR Burdine Hall B 3 PAT J. T. Patterson Laboratories Building C 3
BWY Measurement and Evaluation Center B 3 PCL Perry-Castañeda Library D 4
CAL Calhoun Hall D 4 PHD Prather Hall Dormitory E 3
CBA College of Business Administration,
McCombs School of Business
D 4 PHR Pharmacy Building B 3
CBC,E,F Co-op Buildings C,E,F A 3 PP1-8 Physical Plant Complex F 1
CCJ John B. Connally Center for Justice D 2 PPA Hal C. Weaver Power Plant Annex C 3
CDL Collections Deposit Library F 3 PPB Printing and Press Building F 2
CMA-C Jesse H. Jones
Communication Center - Buildings A-C
B 4 PPE Hal C. Weaver Power Plant Expansion C 3
COM Computation Center C 4 PPL Hal C. Weaver Power Plant D 3
CPE Chemical and Petroleum
Engineering Building
B 3 RAS Russell A. Steindam Hall D 3
CRB Central Receiving Building F 2 RHD Roberts Hall Dormitory E 3
CRD Carothers Dormitory B 3 RLM Robert Lee Moore Hall C 3
CS3 Chilling Station No. 3 E 4 RRN ROTC Rifle Range Building D 3
CS4 Chilling Station No. 4 C 2 RSC Recreational Sports Center F 3
CS5 Chilling Station No. 5 B 3 SAC Student Activities Center (future site) D 3
DEV Development Office Building E 1 SBS Red and Charline McCombs Field G 2
DFA E. William Doty Fine Arts Building D 2 SEA Sarah M. and Charles E. Seay Building B 3
DFF Disch-Falk Field G 2 SER Service Building C 3
EAS Edgar A. Smith Building E 4 SHD Simkins Hall Dormitory C 2
ECJ Ernest Cockrell Jr. Hall C 3 SJH San Jacinto Residence Hall E 3
EEC AT&T Executive Education and Conference Center D 4 SRH Sid Richardson Hall E 2
ENS Engineering-Science Building C 3 SSB Student Services Building B 3
EPS E. P. Schoch Building D 3 SSW School of Social Work Building F 3
ERC Frank C. Erwin Jr. Special Events Center G 3 STD Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium E 3
Engineering Teaching Center II B 3 SUT Sutton Hall C 4
FAC Peter T. Flawn Academic Center C 4 SW7 2617 Speedway B 3
FDF Frank Denius Practice Field E 2 SZB George I. Sánchez Education Building E 4
FDH J. Frank Dobie House C 2 TAY
T. U. Taylor Hall C 3
GAR Garrison Hall D 4 TCC Joe C. Thompson Conference Center D 2
GEA Mary E. Gearing Hall B 3 TMM Texas Memorial Museum D 2
GEB Dorothy L. Gebauer Building C 3 TNH Townes Hall C 2
GEO John A. and Katherine G. Jackson
Geological Sciences Building
D 3 TSC Lee and Joe Jamail Texas Swimming Center F 3
GIA Graduate & International Admissions A 3 TSF Track/Soccer Field House F 3
GOL Goldsmith Hall C 4 TTC Penick-Allison Tennis Center F 4
GRE Gregory Gymnasium D 3 UA9
2609 University Avenue B 3
GRG Geography Building B 4 UIL University Interscholastic League Building F 1
GSB Graduate School of Business Building D 4 UNB Union Building C 4
HMA Hogg Memorial Auditorium C 4 UPB University Police Building E 2
HRC Harry Ransom Center C 4 UTC University Teaching Center D 4
HRH Rainey Hall D 4 UTX Etter-Harbin Alumni Center D 3
HSM William Randolph Hearst Building B 4 VRC Varsity Center D 3
IPF Indoor Practice Facility E 1 WAG
Waggener Hall D 3
JES Beauford H. Jester Center E 4 WCH Will C. Hogg Building C 3
JGB Jackson Geological Sciences Building D 3 WEL Robert A. Welch Hall C 3
JHH John W. Hargis Hall G 3 WIN F. Loren Winship Drama Building D 3
JON Jesse H. Jones Hall C 2 WMB West Mall Office Building C 4
KIN Kinsolving Dormitory B 3 WOH Wooldridge Hall B 4
LBJ Lyndon B. Johnson Library E 2 WRW W. R. Woolrich Laboratories C 3
LCH Littlefield Carriage House B 4 WWH Walter Webb Hall B 4
LFH Littlefield Home B 4   PARKING GARAGES  
LLA,B,D Living Learning Center A 3 SJG San Jacinto Garage C 2
LTD Littlefield Dormitory B 3 SAG San Antonio Garage B 4
LTH Laboratory Theatre Building D 3 BRG Brazos Garage E 4
MAI Main Building and Tower C 4 TSG 27th Street Garage A 3
      MAG Manor Garage E 2
      SWG Speedway Garage B 3
      TRG Trinity Garage F 3