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127th Spring Commencement
An Exalted Trust

The organization of the university ... will be accepted as an exalted trust, to be administered as a labor of love, in the light of the world's best thought, to the honor of the state and the benefit of present and future generations.
Oscar Henry Cooper, November 1880


I invite you to join us for the 127th Spring Commencement at The University of Texas at Austin. Our Commencement ceremony is one of the most uplifting and enjoyable events I have ever experienced. In a festive evening of music, tradition, and spectacular fireworks, our graduating students celebrate their achievements with classmates, family and friends.

The founders of the University foresaw that they were creating a special trust between themselves and future generations of students. It was an agreement in which our founders promised to provide a university of the first class if all those who attended the University would live up to its highest aspirations. And so at every Commencement ceremony for the past 127 years, our graduating students have honored that exalted trust.

For our graduates, the University has been a challenge and a magnificent opportunity. I congratulate them and offer my sincere appreciation to parents, friends and family members for their roles in shaping the lives of these extraordinary students.

William Powers Jr.

William Powers Jr.
The University of Texas at Austin