Compliance and Ethics Program

The purpose of the University of Texas at Austin Compliance and Ethics Program (CEP) is to promote and support a working environment which reflects the University’s commitment to maintaining the highest level of integrity and ethical standards in the conduct of its operations. Towards this end, the CEP will include programs and practices designed to nurture and preserve the University’s culture of respect and honesty while building compliance and ethics consciousness into the daily activities of its faculty and staff.

Executive Compliance Committee

The Executive Compliance Committee (ECC) is chaired by the President of the University and is composed of members of the University’s faculty and staff as is described in the ECC Charter.

Permanent Membership Incumbent
President Gregory L. Fenves
Deputy to the President Nancy Brazzil
Executive Vice President and Provost Judith H. Langlois (i)
Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Mary Knight (i)
Vice President for Legal Affairs Patricia Ohlendorf
Vice President for Research Daniel Jaffe
Vice President for Student Affairs Gage Paine
Vice President for University Operations Patricia Clubb
Vice President for Diversity and Community Engagement Gregory Vincent
Chief Information Officer Brad Englert
Information Security Officer Cam Beasley
Athletics Director (Men or Women) Christine Plonsky
Director of University Compliance Services (ex-officio) Paul Liebman
Director of Internal Audits (ex-officio) Mike Vandervort
U.T. System Compliance Liaison (ex-officio) Phil Dendy (i)
Appointed Membership Incumbent
Professor, Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs Dr. Jeremi Suri
Dean, School of Social Work Luis Zayas
Chief Communications Officer (President’s Office) Maria Arrellaga
Dean of College of Liberal Arts Randy Diehl

(i) indicates the person holding the position is currently interim


Compliance Officers Group

The Compliance Officers Group (COG) is an informal group of individuals on campus with significant compliance responsibilities associated with their job. The group meets bi-annually to discuss current compliance issues and best practices.

Risk Area Representative
Accounting & Finance Kendyl Cervenka
Accreditation Linda Dickens
Admissions Susan Kearns
Animal Resource Center Glen Otto
Athletics Lori Hammond
Audit Angela McCarter
Campus Safety & Security Bob Harkins
Diversity & Community Engagement Jennifer Maedgen
Donors, Gifts & Endowments Karl Miller, Lee Bash, Jamie Cantara
Ethics & Legal Lee Smith, Steve Rosen
EHS John Salsman
Export Controls David Ivey
Foundation/Affiliates Jill Bond
Grants Management/OSP Jason Richter
Healthcare/Insurance Adrienne Howarth-Moore
Healthcare/Dell Medical John McCall and Leslie Montalvo
Labor & Employment Debra Kress, Karen Chawner
Immigration / International Activities Teri Albrecht
Information Technology & Information Security Cam Beasley
Intellectual Property Steve Rosen
Lobbying & Political Activities Gwen Grigsby, Carlos Martinez
Open Records Margo Iwanski, Maryrose Hightower-Coyle
President’s Office Carol Longoria
Privacy (Students & Employees) Jeff Graves
Privacy (Other(PCI)) Leslie Saucedo, John Walker, Rose Paez
Provost Ashley Nemec
Registrar Kim Taylor
Research Lori Roalson
Title IX Latoya Hill
Ombuds Jennifer Sims
Student Affairs Edna Dominguez
Tax Jimmy Harper, Lori Peterson, Andy Gordon
University Compliance Services  Paul Liebman, Janet West (Policy), Leslie Montalvo (Risk Assessment), Linda Millstone (Investigations), Jaime Davis (Training)
University Interscholastic League Leo Barnes
UT System/Board of Regents David Givens
Youth Protection Leekeshia Williams