Compliance and Ethics Training Library

*If you are able, we recommend taking the required training online through the Compliance Training System.

Printable Compliance Training Materials (.pdf) Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader

Spanish .PDF/

Required of every employee

Required only once, within 30 days of hire

CW 100: Compliance and Ethics Guide & Acknowledgment Statement English

The Core Four, within 30 days of hire and every 2 years thereafter

CW 101: Intro to the Compliance & Ethics Program at UT Austin English Review Spanish Repaso
CW 121: Sexual Harassment English Review Spanish Repaso
CW 123: Equal Employment Opportunity English Review Spanish Repaso
CW 170: IT Security Awareness English Review

Required of benefits-eligible employees

Required only once, within 30 days of hire

CW 102: Use of UT Property English Review
CW 103: Information & Records English Review
CW 106: Gifts & Gratuities English Review
CW 107: Political Activities English Review
CW 108: Copyright Property English Review
CW 122: Workplace Safety English Review
CW 126: Outside Employment English Review
CW 162: Purchasing English Review
CW 163: Contracts & Agreements English Review

May be required by your department or position

CW 500: HIPAA (medical records) English Review
CW 504: FERPA (student records) English Review
CW 514: UTS Child Protection Training English

Archived “Employee Engagement Series” Presentations

*Newest* CW 413: Justice in Rewards with Dr. Woodruff Watch
CW 410: Smart Thinking with Dr. Markman Watch
CW 411: Bolstering your Interpersonal Skills with Dr. Daly (due to technical difficulties while recording, this has been replaced by a similar presentation posted on YouTube) Watch
CW 412: Igniting Creativity & Innovation with Liz Aebersold Watch
CW 414: Managing Change at Work with Dr. Hasler Watch
CW 416: Why Good People Do Bad Things with Dr. Prentice Watch
PN 286: Think! Create! Engage! Self-Compassion Watch

Other Resources

Ethics Unwrapped- animated shorts by the McCombs School Website

Brochures and Posters

Brochure: Getting Started with Compliance Training
Brochure: Training Opportunities for Supervisors and Managers
Brochure: Export Controls
Brochure: Staff Ombuds Office
Poster: UCS Compliance and Ethics Hotline (8 X 10 in color) English .PDF Spanish .PDF
Brochure: Texas Attorney General’s Office Whistleblower Act
Poster: Whistleblower Act .PDF
For a list of additional posters, go to the Human Resource Services website Website