University Policy Office

Welcome to the University Policy Office website.

The University Policy Office (UPO) is an administrative unit with responsibility for the strategic design and implementation of a university policy management program. This program is aimed at coordinating policy lifecycle management with the key policy owners of university’s administrative and operational policies that reside in UT Austin’s Handbook of Operating Procedures. The establishment of the office emphasizes the importance of conveying the university’s ethical, legal and procedural expectations as outlined through its policies. UPO is associated with University Compliance Services in alignment with these goals.

Key functions of UPO include:

  • Policy process design, implementation and management
  • Policy lifecycle coordination with policy owners
  • Upkeep of the Handbook of Operating Procedures
  • Establishment of a UT Austin digital policy library

Thank you for your interest in university policy and the new policy management program that is underway.

Janet S. West, Program Manager

Contact Information
University Policy Office
Campus Address: UTA 2.206 Mail Code D9200
Office Phone: (512) 232-3720

Janet West, Program Manager