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Lecture 2 Images
January 22

1. Renaissance Painting: Judgment of Paris
2. Roman Wall Painting: Achilles Disguised

3. Roman Wall Painting: Sacrifice of Iphigenia

4. Hellenistic Sculptural Group: Laocoon and His Sons

5. The Modern Trojan Horse: Reconstruction at Hisarlik, Turkey

6. View across the mound of Hisarlik to the plain of Troy

7. View from Hisarlik across the plain of Troy 

8. Heinrich Schliemann: the 'Father of Archaeology'

9. A second portrait of Schliemann, 1864

10. Artist Reconstruction: The Nine Archaeological Levels of Troy

11. Excavations at Troy: Doerpfeld's Site Map

12. Cross-section view, Troy II stratum: evidence of charring

13. Artist Reconstruction: Troy II

14. Artist Reconstruction: Troy VI, the plain of Troy, and the ancient coastline

15. Ruins of Troy VI: Human Destruction or Earthquake?

16. North Fortification Walls of Troy VI

17. South Fortification Walls of Troy VI

18. Artist Reconstruction: Detail of Troy VI Citadel

19. Northeast Fortification Walls of Troy VI

20. Ongoing Excavations at Troy

21. Troy IX: Roman Odeion

22. Site Plan of Palace of Minos, Knossos (Crete)
23. Artist Reconstruction: Palace of Minos, Columns

24. Palace of Minos Propylon: Two-Story Architecture

25. Palace of Minos: Throne Room Interior

26. Palace of Minos: Arthur Evans' Restoration
27. Mycenae: Fortification Walls (Cyclopean)
28. Artists Reconstruction: View of Mycenae Hilltop
29. Mycenae: Lion Gate

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