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Field School

Field School
From June-July 2009, there will be an archaeological field school held at the site of Huaca el Pueblo on the north coast of Peru. Huaca el Pueblo is located in the Zaña Valley, one hour south of the modern city of Chiclayo and within the small town of Ucupe, Peru. The site rests 20 kilometers inland from the Pacific Coast and only 50 meters above sea level in the dry coastal climate.
View of Huaca el Pueblo Archaeological Site
Huaca el Pueblo forms one part of the Ucupe Archaeological Complex and is a predominately Moche site, with a central pyramid huaca and surrounding adobe platform structures. Excavations in 2004, 2007 and 2008 have revealed continuous occupation of the site from the Formative Period through the Late Horizon. In 2008, the excavations produced an elaborate high-status Middle Moche tomb, which discovery was publicized through the BBC, Discovery Channel and National Geographic.
To view a weblecture of this discovery:
Huaca el Pueblo and The Lord of Ucupe
Field School Objectives
The 2009 field season will be directed at completing the occupational sequence and functional use of each sector within the site. Participants in the 2009 field school will receive basic instruction in archaeological field techniques and laboratory work. This includes the fundamentals of archaeological excavation and survey, methods of data collecting, and processing of cultural material.
Program Details
The Archaeological Field School will be held in one 5-week session, during which time the participants will stay on location in the Zaña Valley. Interested participants should visit the UCLA archaeological field school website at:

UCLA Archaeology Field School Programs for Peru

Program Costs: $4500.00
1) 12-Hour Course Credit
2) Lodging in Mocupe, Peru
3) Food and refreshments
4) Weekend excursions.
5) Lecture series on the archaeology of the north coast provided by Kimberly Jones for the Formative Period and the Early Horizon and, by Steve Bourget for the Early Intermediate Period.
NOT included:
1) Airfare: International or Domestic (flights from Lima to Chiclayo).
2) Personal expenditures: trips, shopping, additional consumables, etc.
Required Materials:
1) Background: There are NO pre-requisites for participating in the field school. Anyone may apply. Introduction to basic field equipment and techniques will be given on site.
2) Equipment: All necessary field equipment will be provided, including trowels.
3) Supplies: You may wish to bring personal items such as sunscreen, sunglasses, field hat, durable gloves, and functional field clothing.
Or Contact: Kim Jones, Project Coordinator:

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