Introduction to Ancient Rome

CC (s)302 (82005) Summer 2009

Forum Romanum


Getty Villa, Malibu, CA:

modern version of the Villa of Papyri, Herculaneum (perhaps owned by Caesar's father-in-law); an example of the senatorial opulence to which Catiline was allegedly opposed

Wall-painting from Pompeii

Campaign pottery, sponsoring Catiline ("Catilinae" = "for Catiline"): probably from Catiline's run for consul. Vessels like this would have been used to distribute food/drink to the urban poor, in the hopes of gaining popular favor


'Tullianum', or 'Tullian dungeon' (medieval Mamertine Prison), beneath the Capitoline hill, where prisoners awaited capital punishment (including Catiline's co-conspirators, and the Christian saints Peter and Paul)

Mountains near Pistoia, northern Italy: region in which Catiline made his last stand

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