Introduction to Ancient Rome

CC (s)302 (82005) Summer 2009

Forum Romanum

Lex de Imperio Vespasiani:

(granting Vespasian legal imperial power)


"Frank's Casket" (England): 7th-8th cent. AD Anglo-Saxon box, depicting Titus' sack of Jerusalem - (top left) Roman soldiers; (top right) refugees; (bottom left) military court; (bottom right) prisoners of war; (center) Temple and Arc of the Covenant

Scene of Titus' Judaean triumph at Rome, from the Arch of Titus (built by Domitian): notice the menorah, preceded by what may be the Arc of the Covenant - both items then placed on display in the newly-built Forum of Peace

Masada: notice the traces of the Roman camp (lower-far right) and ramp

Masada: view of citadel

Masada: Roman camp

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